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Next-gen Torsus off-road bus boasts 50+ technical upgrades
Third-generation vehicle includes a fully upgraded suspension, strengthened chassis, all-round disc brakes, redesigned cabin and more
Volvo CE declares success in UAE with electric wheel loader
Volve CE said its electric loader ‘shined’ in UAE trial
Intermat 2024: HD Hyundai Infracore shows two new TD engines
The four- and six-cylinder models are both Stage 5 compliant
New EnerKit system from Baudouin
The system allows custom pairings of engines and peripherals
‘Noise reduction’ an additional benefit revealed during Skanska-Volvo testing
A Volvo CE machine on a Skanska project in Los Angeles, US, showed reduced noise levels
New compactor can “reduce project emissions by up to 50%”
New machine meets EU and US emission-reduction standards
Komatsu introduces new grader to North America
The GD955-7 motor grader has arrived in North America.