@bauma Media Dialog: A Glimpse Ahead

31 January 2019

With just nine weeks to go before the biggest trade show in the world – bauma 2019, that is going to be held in Munich, Germany, from 8 to 14 April – a substantial number of exhibitors has gathered for the Media Dialog to anticipate some of the news that will be officially presented at the fair in April.

On the side of engine manufacturers, the games for EU Stage 5 emissions technologies have already been played. Notwithstanding, some companies still have something to say concerning Stage 5 solutions.

MAN Engines wants to detach itself from the limiting label of truck engine manufacturer and further invested in its range of off-highway diesels. Its new D4276 six-cylinder inline engine is a special development for heavy-duty off-highway machines with an eye to construction vehicles. The engine has been developed especially for applications that demand high power with full power operation at up to 70%. A maximum torque of 3280 Nm is delivered already at 1100 r/min speed and remains constant up to 1500 r/min. The output power is between 450 and 515 kW depending on the power stage and, with a dry weight of just 1280 kg, this engine has a high power-to-weight ratio.

For the first time Deutz will show its four-cylinder TCD 5.2 diesel engine. The 5.2-L unit is a derivative of the TCD 7.8 six-cylinder in-line engine, offering an additional four-cylinder option between the TCD 4.1 and 9.0 engines.

Also a first, the new three-cylinder LPG gas engine G 2.2 will be exhibited in Munich. It has an output power from 22 to 56 kW.  At the Deutz booth, visitors will also see the prototype of the hydrogen variant of the TCD 7.8, a cooperation with Munich-based  start-up Keyou (read more about this in one of the coming issues of DPi).

FPT Industrial will showcase part of its Stage 5 engine lineup, including the four-cylinder F34 diesel that delivers a maximum power of 55 kW and maximum torque of 424 Nm with 3.4-L displacement. To comply with Stage 5 emissions regulations, this engine meant for compact machinery mounts a diesel oxidation catalyst and a diesel particulate filter. The oil change interval has been improved to 600 hours.

The company will also exhibit the new CursorX Power Source Concept with a multi-power approach; CursorX can offer the best solution for the various applications and missions, among natural gas internal combustion, hydrogen fuel cells, and battery-stored energy.

One other engine manufacturer will highlight alternative power solutions. Kohler will present an electric-mechanic hybrid power generation unit (picoted above), called K-HEM (Kohler Hybrid Energy Module), composed of the KDW 1003 diesel engine with 18 kW output power and a 48-V electric motor that delivers 15 kW continuous power and 9 kW peak power. Thus the system can generate over 30 kW power and comply with Stage 5 emissions standard without needing a diesel particulate filter.

As for Germany-based Hatz, the spotlight will focus on what the company describes as the world’s first electronically controlled fuel injection system and digital control unit for single-cylinder diesel engines in the industrial sector.

Hatz said, with its E1 electronic injection technology, light equipment, mobile lighting towers or generators, for example, will be propelled into the era of the Internet of Things (IoT). The E1 electronic injection will be available on three single-cylinder Hatz diesels from 2020 and will be the standard solution for the US market, and an option for Europe.

Moving on to manufacturers of other driveline components, several new introductions focus again on alternative drives.

ZF for example will exhibit its eTrac driveline system on a full electric compact loader. The

driveline is made of ZF’s components as for example an electric motor using 48-V technology directly mounted on the vehicle’s rear axle; inverter; eDCU (electric drive control unit); front axle; transmission; and electro-hydraulic components for the working hydraulics developed in cooperation with Zapi.

On the ZF booth visitors will also appreciate the C-Trax transmission with electric steering capabilities, and a new Efficiency Package with the cPOWER transmission.

In the field of mobile hydraulics, Walvoil presents its new SXP directional valve in the SXP_E version for loaders. This directional valve switches autonomously from series to parallel circuits depending on the machine’s working pressure and conditions.

Comer Industries will introduce its FC08 compact rigid differential axle range. The range is available in two sizes: the FC08 and new FC-08-HD for heavier machines. These axles are designed to equip wheel loaders with an empty vehicle weight of up to 5.4 ton and other compact off-highway vehicles. The maximum torque to the wheels is 1800 daNm (2000 daNm for the FC08-HD).

The company will also showcase a new transmission range for electric-driven vehicles to be used in combination with the FC08 axles. The I-S428 transmission is the first foray for Comer in the field of electric drive transmissions for off-highway machinery. The component is designed to host an electric motor and features an input speed of maximum 9000 r/min with a maximum power of 25 kW. The transmission is available in single-drop or dual-drop versions and both can be mounted as stand-alone or flanged to the axle.

For what regards generator sets, French manufacturer Kohler-SDMO reminded to its customers that from January 1, 2021 all mobile gen-sets sold in Europe will need to comply with Stage 5 emissions regulations (for powers between 56 and 130 kW the deadline is January 1, 2022).

Before these dates, customers have the possibility to buy Stage 3a or non-certified engines below 18 kW or above 560 kW manufactured before December 31, 2018 (or before December 31, 2019 for powers between 56 and 130 kW). From July 23, 2019 though, all mobile non-certified engines below 18 kW or above 560 kW sold in Europe will need to be RoHS 2-compliant (the EU directive on the Restriction of Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment).

Kohler-SDMO has put in place a bunkering initiative with a stock of Stage 3a engines produced before December 31, 2018 (and before December 31, 2019 for powers between 56 and 130 kW) in order to provide the best support to its customers during the two transition periods.

Kohler-SDMO also announced that it will make available a range of Stage-5 compliant gen-sets in nine power nodes by the end of 2020. Until then the company will keep delivering its Stage 3a gen-sets.

Not to forget the influence of lubricants on machines’ productivity and service life, Germany-based Evonik will show its Dynavis and Nuflux brands of the company’s business line Oil Additives.

Dynavis technology optimizes the viscosity of hydraulic fluids; a test project with an Hitachi EX1200 crawler excavator in the Kuznetsk Basin, Russia, has shown that a hydraulic fluid formulated using Dynavis technology yielded a productivity growth of 7.9% (cbm³/h) in coal extraction.

Nuflux technology for industrial gear oil formulations has the same performance of synthetic-based fluids at a lower cost. A recent field trial with a pump gear in a water treatment plant in South Africa showed a higher degree of efficiency; the plant operator thus decided to fill 26 gears in the water treatment system with Nuflux formulated oil.



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