Ammann unveils host of new sustainable options

Ammann showcased its new products at an event in Italy

Ammann has showcased a number of new sustainable options at media and customer days as part of its Green Plant Initiative, including a blue smoke capture system that reduces the emissions that result while loading asphalt mix to trucks, a hydrogen-powered burner for asphalt-mixing plants, and a new advanced filtration system that can remove a significant level of emissions.

The Ammann H2 is said to be the first asphalt plant burner on the market capable of utilising up to 100% hydrogen.

“Burning 100% hydrogen eliminates all CO2 emissions associated with the burner,” Denis Hecek, head of technical design and product management, said. “This is an environmental game changer for the asphalt industry.”

Asphalt burners heat the aggregates needed to produce asphalt mix. Creating this heat previously required the use of fossil fuels, resulting in emissions, including both CO2 and odours. The performance of the Ammann H2 is said to be comparable to a fossil fuel-powered burner but easier to regulate, with better heat exchange in the dryer and an overall cleaner process.

Many Ammann burners currently on the market can utilise a combination of hydrogen and natural gas, but those configurations still lead to emissions. The most recent burners available, before the H2, could blend up to 28% hydrogen with natural gas. With adjustments, that level could rise to 60% hydrogen.

The company also announced a new, advanced filtration system that is said to be able to remove a significant level of emissions, as well as clean itself. The Ammann VOC Reduction Device (VRD) reduces volatile organic compounds (VOCs), odours and other organic carbon emissions. It is said to be the first technology on the market able to self-clean; no filter replacements are needed.

“To have the performance and efficiency of VRD in a self-cleaning system is a significant benefit for businesses,” said Carlo Adami, technology research & development manager.

VRD is a modular, stand-alone solution compatible with virtually every type of asphalt-mixing plant – whether provided by Ammann or

H2 burner, Ammann The Ammann H2 is said to be the first asphalt plant burner on the market capable of utilizing up to 100% hydrogen

another manufacturer. It reduces total organic carbon (TOC), which contains VOCs, by as much as 70% under common working conditions. VRD removes the TOC, then it makes utilising RAP even greener, as a high percentage of VOCs occur while recycling.

The company also spoke about a blue smoke capture system that dramatically reduces the emissions that result while loading asphalt mix to trucks.

Ammann Blue Smoke Treatment (BST) is  said to be a cost-effective solution that doesn’t require expensive confinement equipment. BST captures fumes that previously would have escaped during loading and redirects them to a multi-stage filtration system.


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