Case innovates with electrics, new machine categories

Case is betting big on backhoe-loaders with the addition of five new models, including the Utility Plus. (Photos: Case Construction Equipment)

Case Construction Equipment is “not content blending in with other manufacturers,” according to Terry Dolan, vice president – North America, speaking at a virtual press conference leading up to ConExpo-Con/Agg 2023. He likened the legacy brand to a “180-year-old startup” that is not happy sitting on the sidelines while others innovate.

“We’re innovating with new product launches... We’re investing even more into the Case dealer network and giving them the tools they need to succeed... We’re investing in strengthening our ability to produce and diversify both in existing plant expansion and through M&A. We’re expanding our collaborative fleet management technologies through a broader range of products to deliver hip-pocket support that’s never more than a phone or upload or a data point away,” he stated. “We are ingenuity obsessed with a focus on bringing solutions to the market that will deliver a true historical impact.”

In recent years, such solutions have included the DL550 Minotaur, a hybrid between a small dozer and a compact track loader, and the TV620B, what Case describes as the industry’s largest compact track loader to date. These machines are manufactured at the company’s plant in Wichita, Kan., on new dedicated production lines. A third shift has also been added at the plant to increase production exponentially in 2023 to meet expected growth in demand, said Leando Lecheta, head of construction equipment for North America at Case parent company, CNH Industrial.

Acquisitions and alliances are playing a significant role in the brand’s expansion. “We have made significant investment in new products and in building out the product line through acquisition,” Lecheta said. “We bought an entire company with the acquisition of Sampierana to address the mini-excavator market... And just two weeks ago, we announced the new industrial cooperation agreement with Tobroco-Giant to distribute compact and subcompact wheel loaders in North America.”

The results are evident in Case’s booth at ConExpo in Las Vegas, with more than 30 new machines set to be displayed.

Return of iconic name plus new models

Case is betting big on backhoe-loaders with the addition of five new models plus the return of an iconic product name longtime customers will quickly recognize: the Construction King. The company emphasized the new models are additions to the N Series line, not replacements.

Case 695SV Construction King backhoe-loader with side shift.

“While other manufacturers are circling the wagons and getting more conservative, we’re doubling down with the faith of true believers. We’re expanding our offering,” said Dolan.

Brad Stemper, director of product management – North America, said, “Backhoes are experiencing a renaissance with the labor challenges our industry faces today. It makes great business sense again that a business would own a single asset that can perform multiple functions versus multiple machines that require individual operation by individual operators.”

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Now available in North America are the Utility Plus and the 580SV Construction King center pivot models. Rated 74 hp, the Utility Plus has a maintenance-free emissions system that does not require a DPF or diesel exhaust fluid. Built for simplicity, it has a large cab with optimized sightlines to work areas; a choice of pilot or mechanical controls; and premium options such as an Extendahoe or one-way auxiliary hydraulics on the dipper.

The 97-hp 580SV Construction King sees the return of a tool carrier-style front end to the Case backhoe-loader. It includes a hydraulic quick coupler and is currently comes in a center pivot model, with side shift to be rolled out later this year. It can also be optioned up with features such as the Extendahoe and Auto-Ride Control.

Also later in 2023, the company will introduce the 695SV Construction King in a center-pivot or a side-shift version. The 695SV Construction King incorporates four-wheel steer and equally sized tires, with crab steering ability. “The machine also includes the parallel lift tool carrier-style loader arms for more intense material handling operations,” Stemper said.

Major moves in minis

The benefits of CNH Industrial’s acquisition of Sampierana S.p.A. in late 2021 are visible in Case’s booth.

Case CX42D mini-excavator.

“Diesel or electric, zero tailswing or conventional, cab or canopy, two-way, four-way or six-way blades – from 1.5 tons up to 6 metric tons, there is now a Case mini-excavator to meet every need,” Stemper said.

Currently available is the diesel-powered CX42D, the first model in the new D series. This true zero tailswing mini-excavator falls between 4 and 5 metric tons, filling a gap in the existing lineup.

Additional D Series models will be introduced in 2024, all of which will provide a high level of feature standardization with options to further improve performance, including:

  • automotive-style cabs with adjustable controls, 7-in. monitor and visibility down to working areas;
  • standard two-way blade with float or optional six-way blade;
  • standard two-speed travel with automatic shift down;
  • standard multifunction (one-way/two-way) hydraulics;
  • standard 2nd auxiliary (two-way) circuit or optional 3rd auxiliary circuit;
  • and standard thumb bracket with optional factory installed thumb.

In addition, Case is launching two all-new battery-electric machines, the CX15EV and CX25EV. The 3186-lb. CX15EV is powered by a 21 hp/16 kW electric motor and is already being rolled out to the company’s North American dealer network. The 4828-lb. CX25EV, powered by a 27 hp/20 kW electric motor, will be available later in 2023.

Both models utilize lithium-ion battery technology, which can be charged either by the 110V/220V onboard charger or via an external rapid charger that can typically achieve full charge within 90 minutes. Depending on the type of work, the units provide sufficient power to work a full eight-hour shift.

Case CX15EV electric mini-excavator.

“While minis, these excavators are fully featured with the ability to change power modes, adjust control precision and, more importantly, deliver the same performance and capability compared to similar diesel units,” Stemper said. “While each application varies, both machines will deliver enough power to work through a full eight-hour work day, all while delivering the core benefits of electrified construction equipment, which is no emissions, reduced noise and less lifetime maintenance costs.”

Features include a standard color LCD monitor for easy access to battery information, machine settings and work modes (Power, Standard and Economy); an electronic pattern changer; and customizable hydraulic proportional controls and auxiliary hydraulics. A load-sensing hydraulic system enables customization of machine performance to the task. One-way/two-hydraulics are standard with a 2nd auxiliary circuit (two-way only) available as an option.

Case TL100 mini track loader.

Another addition thanks to the Sampierana acquisition is Case’s entrance into the stand-on mini track loader market. The 25-hp TL100 mini track loader, available later this year, has a rated operating capacity of 1000 lbs. (35% of tipping load), comes with hydraulic pilot controls (ISO pattern) and has a standard auxiliary hydraulic setup of 13 gpm/2700 psi. A Common Industry Interface (CII) is compatible with most major manufacturers of mini track loader attachments.

“This will be a dynamic addition to the Case product portfolio for landscapers, utilities, rental houses and more,” Stemper said. “And we’re coming to market with premium features such as pilot controls and 14-pin electrical to give operators that enhanced experience and function.”

Subcompact loaders and more

Also new to the Case product portfolio is a new line of small articulated loaders courtesy of the Tobroco-Giant distribution agreement announced last month. Six diesel-powered loaders and one electric-powered model will join the lineup throughout 2023 and 2024.

Models span 25 to 75 hp with rated operating capacities (50% of tipping load) from 1200 to 5000 lb. and cabs that include both ROPS and foldable open ROPS configurations. The three models being displayed at ConExpo are the telescopic SL12 TR, telescopic SL35 TR and electrified SL22EV.

Case SL12TR telescopic articulated small loader.

“The introduction of the electrified SL22EV delivers all of the advantages of a subcompact loader in a zero-emission machine that can operate indoors and around people with easy communication and less sound – perfect for supply yards, lumber yards and even big box stores that handle large commercial goods,” Stemper noted.

“The super compact, super dynamic SL12 TR shown [at ConExpo] with a log grapple sits just between a mini track loader and a traditional skid-steer or compact track loader. It’s able to get in and out of tight spaces, super powerful and compatible with a whole range of attachments for optimal utilization and value. The telescopic capabilities of this machine and others in this range make this machine even more dynamic.”

Smaller sizes if the new loaders will share attachment commonality with the new mini track loader fleet, while larger models will share compatibility with standard skid-steer and compact track loader attachments.

The first in a new line of wheeled excavators, the WX175E SR (short radius), is also being featured at ConExpo. It can self-transport from site to site with maximum travel speeds up to 22 mph. Joystick steering enables easy maneuvering, while the four-wheel hydrostatic drive ensures enhanced traction even in rough conditions. Ride Control provides a smooth ride, increased comfort and less material spilled from the bucket.

Case WX175E SR wheeled excavator.

The new excavator weighs in at just over 44,000 lb. and operates at 173 hp at 2200 rpm. Its load-sensing hydraulic system allows for multi-functional operation and precise machine movements. Proportional auxiliary hydraulics enable smooth, precise control of attachments. An optional Fine Swing control increases precision with less material spillage, and Power Boost provides an instant increase in power when needed, Case noted.

Additional wheeled excavator models will be announced at a later date.

Rounding out the product additions is the all-new electrified CL 36 EV compact wheel loader. Scheduled to be formally introduce at a later date, this compact wheel loader is designed to deliver all the benefits of electrification in a small footprint, said Stemper.

“Every technology and product we’re introducing today is built with the success of the operator in mind, helping them to stay comfortable and productive, and giving them the ability to do more with less and to do it more profitably,” Dolan commented. “We’re electrifying more product lines, building a quieter and more satisfying workplace while also reducing emissions and lowering lifetime owning and operating costs. And we’re delivering one of the strongest product portfolios from front to back that Case has ever had.”


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