Caterpillar introduces Cat Energy Storage System range

Cat Energy Storage Systems Cat Energy Storage Systems (Photo: Caterpillar)

Caterpillar has launched its new Cat Energy Storage System (ESS) products, a new suite of battery technologies to support integration of renewable energy sources and potentially reduce overall energy costs.

The Cat ESS lineup includes Cat Power Stabilization (PGS), and Cat Energy Time Shift (ETS) with optional Energy Capacity Expansion (ECE) modules.

The systems offer flexible, scalable and modular designs for a range of electric power distribution applications, including gen set transient assist, grid integration and support, shifting energy from time of generation to time of use, power stabilisation, power factor correction and renewable energy integration.

Standard 20-foot modules include li-ion batteries, the Cat Bi-Directional inverter and an isolation transformer to simplify transport, setup, integration and maintenance.

Li-ion batteries offer high energy density, discharge/recharge efficiency and cycle life. They can compensate for fluctuations in output from renewable energy sources and to help stabilize transient sources and loads, both on-site and on the utility grid.

A heavy-duty self-contained mobile option is available for both stationary and rental applications. This uses a shock-isolated battery superstructure, air-ride trailer and onboard microgrid controller to facilitate quicker deployment.

Cat ESS modules are suitable for use in industrial settings, such as mining, or oil and gas. Or they can be installed at utilities, data centers, small municipalities and university campuses.

Once installed these units can address a range of typical power delivery problems, including power failures, voltage sags/surges, and under/over frequency conditions. They are well-suited to maximize the performance of high-efficiency, lean-burn natural gas gen sets operating in island mode, together with applications where power quality is critical.

Cat PGS modules are rated from 840 to 1260 kW and provide from 448 to 672 kWh of capacity. Units can be daisy chained to deliver beyond 100 MW.

Cat ETS modules are rated from 570 to 1000 kW; these can be combined with ECE modules to achieve 1500 to 9100 kWh of energy time-shift capacity. ETS modules can perform all the functions of PGS modules, while also enabling the use of excess renewable energy, to facilitate peak shaving and grid support.

Any Cat ESS module can be equipped with Cat Connect Remote Asset Monitoring (RAM). Depending on subscription level, Cat Connect RAM can monitor and analyze from 13 to 200 key performance indicators at one-second intervals. This data can be shared over satellite, cellular or local networks.

In North America, Caterpillar offers Energy as a Service (EaaS) using technologies that automatically dispatch customers’ on-site assets to generate and store energy at the optimum times for maximum cost savings.

ESS products are available for purchase or rental from Cat dealers in select regions worldwide.


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