ComAp introduces paralleling gen-set controller

Security a key goal, company says

ComAp has introduced a paralleling gen-set controller for complex power control applications.

The company said the InteliGen 1000 represents a culmination in everything that ComAp has learned about power generation control in the last 30 years.

“Its developers had three key values in mind right from the beginning of its design: powerful hardware, communication possibilities with a great focus on cybersecurity, and flexibility,” the company said.

InteliGen 1000 is designed for a range of applications, from a simple single gen-set application up to complex applications including grid connections, virtual power plants, demand response, or spot price dispatch.

ComAp’s new InteliGen 1000. (Image: ComAp)

The InteliGen 1000 is around 20 times more powerful than its predecessor - InteliGen NTC BaseBox - and is able to handle both critical and non-critical tasks at the same time, the company said. The controller can communicate with a large number of connected remote devices as well as up to 64 controllers at one site.

A main focus with the development of the InteliGen 1000 was security, the company said. The InteliGen 1000 brings to the power generation industry best practices from the information technology world, introducing a unique cyphering system for each connection session with the controller, extra authentication for users connecting from the outside, ComAp signed firmware, individual user account logins, data logging, and many others. All this to protect our customer’s facilities against external cyber-attacks and at the same time, let them enjoy the benefits of remote monitoring and connectivity, the company said.

InteliGen 1000 combines pre-programmed functions for gen-set control to make the controller running in few steps, but there is also an internal PLC interpreter that could be freely used by solution designers to meet their individual project requirements.

Some key features according to the company:

  • Mains parallel operation with support of Grid Codes, compliant to European Grid codes ( EN 50549, VDE-AR-N 4110:2018, VDE-AR-N 4105:2019, G99, TOR), American IEEE 1547 and others
  • Multiple Island operation with cooperation with up to 64 additional gen-set/mains/tie controllers (InteliGen 1000 or InteliMains 1010)
  • Several load transfer options with the possibility of less than 100ms load transfer
  • Redundant inter-controller line for critical applications like datacentres and hospitals
  • Double redundancy of the kW and kVAr sharing
  • User management allowing up to 30 unique users
  • AirGate 2.0 makes sure that the connection to the controller is established faster from all around the world, and is more reliable than ever before.
  • Internal PLC interpreter with an easy to use PLC Editor, for simple and fast creation of specific logic
  • Up to 31 characters in texts, parameters, and alarms for system clarity and easy troubleshooting
  • Compatibility with ComAp InteliGen/InteliSys/InteliMains-NT line, InteliGen 200, InteliGen500 controllers

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