Cummins Generator Makes Greenhouse Debut

14 February 2020

A Cummins HSK78G gas generator is powering a greenhouse in Belgium, marking the first time the engine has been installed in a greenhouse environment.

Greenhouse growing company Varegro, one of the largest export companies in Belgium, selected the recently launched Cummins HSK78G generator to provide combined heat and power (CHP) to the energy-intensive facility. The generator incorporates the C2000N5CD model and provides thermal and electrical energy by recovering CO2 for a greenhouse totalling 40 000 m². It also provides a dependable power source that protects the industry from damaging power outages, the company said.

The HSK78G comes in six models—three each for 50 Hz and 60 Hz applications. The C2000N5CD offers 2000 kWe and has a bore and stroke of 190 X 230 mm. The Cummins HSK78G gas generator has been designed to operate in extreme weather conditions and has a full power capability up to 40°C (104F) with standard turbo offering and up to 55°C (131F) with high ambient turbo offering. One power outage, whatever the cause, could have a serious effect on the grower’s yearly operation.

In addition to the reassurance of reliable power, the HSK78G generator offers an electrical efficiency of 44.2%, which leads to greater fuel savings by turning waste heat into productive energy, Cummins said. In an energy-intensive greenhouse environment its total return is greater than 100% and Varegro can use this reliable power source to flexibly meet its own energy needs. The electricity that is produced can be used for lighting, recuperation and hot water.

The surplus electricity being produced at the facility is then sold back to the grid network, which offers greater financial savings for Varegro.

“In an industry where utility power interruptions of even a few minutes can be catastrophic for crops, being able to rely on a power source that can withstand any environmental eventuality is business-critical,” said Stefan DeWit, project manager, Cummins Power Generation. “The HSK78G generator at the facility is designed to provide reliable power, regardless of the natural gas source or the climate.

“With the addition of the exhaust gas heat exchangers and heat condensers, low and high temperatures can be recuperated achieving a total efficiency of 103%. It is a custom-made gas solution offering maximum efficiency with the greatest possible cost savings to the customer.”

Cummins is also responsible for the project’s full maintenance and qualified technicians and specialists work to ensure the installation runs continuously with limited downtime.

The HSK78G generator models are designed for a diverse set of industries from mining to manufacturing to shopping malls and hospitals, and have been designed to operate in extreme conditions while achieving a low total cost of ownership, Cummins said.


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