Cummins introduces fuel-agnostic 15-liter engine at ConExpo

Cummins 15-liter hydrogen engine (Photo: Cummins)

Cummins has unveiled its new 15-liter, fuel agnostic engine at the ConExpo trade show in Las Vegas. The single platform is capable of supporting various fuel types, including hydrogen, natural gas and diesel.

“Cummins’ all-new platform takes internal combustion to a new level, capable of meeting future ultra-low emission standards, such as EPA Tier 5 and EU Stage 6, together with a low-to-zero carbon fuel capability to help put construction and quarrying sites on a lower cost path to decarbonisation,” said Antonio Leitao, VP Global Off-highway Engine Business.

The 15-liter platform has a common engine block fitted with cylinder heads tailored for the intended fuel type. Power rating with hydrogen fuel is up to 530 hp (395 kW); peak torque is 2600 Nm. Using HVO and biodiesel figures the engine can deliver up to 650 hp (485 kW) and 3000 Nm of torque. Biogas versions deliver between 400 and 510 hp (298 to 380 kW), with peak torque of 2500 Nm.

The new engine is ‘clean sheet’ design that Cummins states ‘points to the future of diesel’, offering more capability and less environmental impact. The engine’s high power density is intended to set the standard for heavy-duty performance in key off-road applications, including excavators, wheel loaders, drilling rigs and haul trucks.

“The 15-liter engine has a significant increase in power density with a more compact installation envelope providing equipment manufacturers with the capability to do more with their machines,” added Leitao.

The hydrogen version of the engine uses a direct injection, lean burn combustion process. When using zero-carbon green H2 the engine can support a 700-bar high-capacity fuel storage system to achieve maximum operating times.

Using B100 biodiesel, the diesel variant can achieve a 70% reduction in carbon output; with HVO or renewable fuel, this increases to a 90% reduction.

“Moving forward, our aim is to offer the same agnostic capability across the next generations of our current 6.7- and 9.0-liter engine platforms,” concluded Leitao.


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