Cummins Launches Centum Gen-Sets

12 July 2022

Cummins Centum generator set Cummins has launched the first in its new line of Centum Series diesel generator sets. (Photo: Cummins)

Cummins Inc. has introduced the first units in a new range of generator sets targeting standby and prime power duties in mission critical, commercial and industrial applications. The new Centum Series generators are engineered to meet customers’ precise power needs with high-efficiency engines that fit in a smaller footprint.

“Centum Series generators represent a significant shift in the Cummins approach to power system design, offering next-level flexibility, efficiency and sustainability,” said Kunj Sheth, Global Marketing Director — Mission Critical, Cummins. “The Centum Series brings needed power density while reducing installation, fuel and maintenance costs.

“With next generation performance, flexibility and sustainability, you get exactly the generator you want without compromise. Centum, the Latin word for ‘one hundred,’ represents the century of Cummins Power Generation that precedes us, and the company’s vision for the next 100 years.”

Powered by QSK38

The first Centum units are the C1250D6E and C1500D6E gen-sets. Rated 1250 and 1500 kW standby and 1136 kW and 1364 kW prime/data center continuous, all at 60 Hz, both gen-sets are powered by the Cummins QSK38 engine, a 12-cylinder vee-configuration diesel with bore and stroke dimensions of 159 x 159 mm for an overall displacement of 37.8 L.

“The C1250D6E and C1500D6E are equipped with Cummins QSK38 engine, boasting over 2200 hp in an impressive 38 L platform,” Sheth said. “The QSK38 engine has been used extensively in marine, military and other applications, where it has proven its durability and capability to perform for thousands of hours without intervention.

“It’s a higher efficiency engine, engineered to ensure you get the exact performance you need without having to pay more to install and maintain a larger generator set.”

The engines drive brushless, four-pole single bearing Stamford S Series alternators with Class H Insulation and PMG (permanent magnet generator) excitation “across the board,” Sheth noted. “Temperature rise offerings range from 80º to 150º C, offering robust solutions for applications requiring enhanced motor starting requirements or significant amounts of non-linear loads.”

PowerCommand controls

Engine and generator functions are monitored and operated through the Cummins PowerCommand 3.3, an integrated microprocessor-based control system that provides voltage regulation, engine and alternator protection and power management/paralleling functions in a single unit. The system includes integral Cummins AmpSentry protection, which provides a full range of alternator protection functions matched to the specific alternator, such as overcurrent warning and shutdown, short circuit shutdown, single- and three-phase fault regulation, over and under voltage and frequency shutdown and field overload shutdown.

Cummins Centum gen-set The new Centum Series gen-sets offer a footprint that the company said is 10 to 20% smaller than previous units at the same ratings.

Engine protection functions include battery voltage monitoring, protection and testing, warnings and shutdowns for low oil pressure, high coolant temperature and low coolant level, and shutdowns for overspeed and overcrank.

The PowerCommand control offers front, left or remote mounting for most voltage options, meaning they “can be configured to best meet site design or preference,” Sheth said.

The Centum Series gen-sets are targeted toward mission critical applications such as heathcare facilties, data centers and wastewater treatment plants; commercial installations, including retail centers, hotels and transportation infrastructure; and industrial manufacturing and agricultural sites.

“The Cummins C1250D6E and C1500D6E, equipped with the Cummins QSK38, are able to achieve outstanding transient performance for a wide range of load types and applications,” Sheth said. “From low load and leading power factor applications such as a lightly loaded UPS in a data center to massive single step non-linear loads such as VFDs in a water/wastewater application, these generator set models are able to meet or exceed traditional market expectations. This product is also expected to achieve ISO 8528 G3 transient performance.”

HVO, biodiesel approved

The Centum Series gen-sets are available with industrial, residential or critical grade silencers and are engineered to meet EPA emissions regulations from Tier 2 and up. Sheth said the first two units comply with EPA Tier 2 New Source Performance Standards for stationary emergency engines without aftertreatment. “The C1250D6E and C1500D6E will also be offered into the market with post-combustion aftertreatment solutions,” he added, “allowing the products to achieve Tier 4 compliance supporting local air board and permitting requirements in even the most stringent of regions within North America.’

In some cases, he said aftertreatment solutions may include diesel particulate filters (DPF) and selective catalytic reduction (SCR) systems.

The new gen-sets can be configured to run on diesel fuel, low-emissions diesel and biodiesels such as hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO) and biodiesel blends up to B20. Last year, the company approved the use of HVO across its entire diesel generator set range.

“Cummins is committed to supporting our customers in making advancements towards decarbonization by providing flexibility to run on low carbon fuels, such as HVO, contributing towards their sustainability goals,” said Sheth, who noted that the use of HVO and other paraffinic fuels could potentially reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 40 to 90%.

Smaller footprint

A key design target for the new gen-set line was power density and the overall footprint of the new machines is 10% to 20% less than previous units, the company said. Both units offer the same physical dimensions – 200 in. long x 86 in. wide x 94.7 in. high (5085 mm x 2184 mm x 2406 mm) – with only a minor difference in dry weight, 20,276 lb. (9197 kg) for the C1250D6E versus 20,351 lb. (9231 kg) for the C1500D6E.

“A smaller footprint – higher power density – is a key differentiator that makes the Cummins Centum Series products stand out and was a focus of the design and development process,” noted Michael Sanford, Product Strategy and Sales Enablement leader at Cummins, during the recent virtual launch. “Project real estate always comes at a premium and we continue to see a drive to squeeze high power node generator sets into small spaces on site. It also makes the products easier to package in enclosures and drop onto sites as needed.”

The new gen-sets offer 500-hour maintenance intervals to reduce the need for service-related shutdowns and can operate 2000 hours before full overhauls, the company said. They come standard three-year warranty and are supported by the broad Cummins service network.

The new Centum Series gen-sets are built at the Cummins Fridley, Minn., facilities.


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