Danfoss Editron’s New Electrical System For Wheel Loaders

02 December 2020

Danfoss Editron, the division of Danfoss specializing in hybrid and electric powertrain systems for off-highway and marine markets, announced the development of a fully-electric wheel loader system. The company said it is the latest example of how it is transforming the construction market by enabling the electrification of heavy-duty machinery.

As with other construction machinery, there is a growing demand for electric and hybrid versions of wheel loaders as companies, cities and countries around the world continue to set CO2 and emissions reduction targets.

Developed at Danfoss’ Application Development Center in Nordborg, Denmark, Danfoss Editron’s fully-electric wheel loader system has been designed to provide high-performance levels with greater efficiency across all system states, with energy consumption kept to a minimum.

The Editron system incorporates an EM-PMI375-T800 motor, which has a speed range of up to 4000 rpm and uses synchronous reluctance assisted permanent magnet technology, along with EC-C1200-AFE350 dc/ac converters and a dc/dc converter. In this configuration, the 650 V battery supplies the dc voltage, which is then inverted to ac to control the traction motor. The other subsystems can also be operated from the dc link voltage, the company said.

Danfoss Editron e-wheel loader
A rendering of Danfoss Editron’s electrification system for wheel loaders.

Danfoss Editron said that when fitted with its fully-electric system, a wheel loader will offer multiple benefits compared to traditional hydraulic versions of the machine, including anticipated emissions savings of 38 tons of CO2 annually based on average low, medium and high work cycles. It also reduces running costs, lowers noise from the engine and minimizes vibrations during operation, resulting in increased comfort levels for operators, the company said.

“This fully-electric system showcases the complete electrification expertise and approach that only Danfoss Editron can offer,” said Danfoss Editron’s system engineer Hanno Hinrichsen. “It is another example of how our product portfolio can unlock additional benefits for our customers by improving productivity, performance and efficiency. Completing this project demonstrates that we can also deliver complete systems, as well as system components.”

Danfoss Editron’s new fully-electric wheel loader system is highlighted in the company’s Global Thought Leaders video for CBS News. To see the video, click here.



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