E-tuggers with swappable batteries

08 September 2022

Electro Kinetic Technologies, a designer of machines used to lift and move materials in material handling, manufacturing, warehousing and other industries, has developed two new machines in its Pony Express electric tugger range.

1061 Lithium electric tugger Electro Kinetic Technologies’ new Pony Express 1061 Lithium electric tugger can push or pull loads up 1500 lb. and uses new lithium iron phosphate swappable battery packs. (Photo: Electro Kinetic Technologies)

The new Pony Express 1061 Lithium and 1061-HD Lithium electric tuggers are able to push or pull loads up 1500 lb. and 2000 lb. respectively, when on flat surfaces. The key upgrade from previous models is the use of new lithium iron phosphate swappable battery packs.

“We have had repeated inquiries aimed at finding ways to operate tuggers for multiple shifts a day – looking for a more cost-effective solution than simply buying more tugs,” said Lee Fennema, Business Development manager at Electro Kinetic Technologies. “With the swappable battery packs, tug use can be near-continuous, stopping only long enough to swap out the battery pack.”

Fennema said the battery packs are Electro Kinetic Technologies’ own design, based on lithium iron phosphate chemistry. Weighing less than 34 lb., the batteries deliver 40 amp-hr and meet UN38.3 certification standards for safety in transport.

The battery pack powers puncture proof, non-marking drive wheel though a transaxle with integral 24 V dc electric motor. That combination provides a variable speed range of zero to 1.5 mph in the low setting and zero to 3 mph in high.

Battery charge monitoring app Battery pack status for Electro Kinetic Technologies’ new Pony Express 1061 Lithium and 1061-HD Lithium electric tuggers can be monitored through a Bluetooth-compatible smartphone app. (Photo: Electro Kinetic Technologies)

The battery pack’s battery management system incorporates visual and audible charge status indicators and charging is through a company designed, 85/270 V ac, single-phase charging stand. “The stand guides the pack into place so that it slides easily into charging position,” Fennema said. The battery pack can be fully recharged in three hours.

The tuggers can also use a Bluetooth-compatible smartphone app that allows for remote monitoring of battery status.

The tuggers are maneuvered through an adjustable ergonomic handle with thumb wheel controls for power on, and high and low speed selection. The units are designed to come to a controlled stop when the operator’s hands are removed from the controls and an automatic holding brake prevents the tugger from moving on inclines when parked.

Like all of Electro Kinetic Technologies’ machines, the new tuggers are manufactured at the company’s 85,000 sq. ft. headquarters facility in Germantown, Wis.



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