Electric HMF cranes, biogas trucks and more

white truck in side view One of Bygma’s new trucks with a rear-mounted HMF loader crane. Photo: HMF

Danish builders’ merchant Bygma has invested in electric cranes mounted on trucks powered by biogas and electricity as part of its drive for sustainability.

Fellow Danish company HMF manufactured the four articulating loader cranes for what are claimed as the industry’s first fully electric truck and biogas trucks. The cranes are all 2820-K5-RCS models with five extensions. They will lift 5.33 tonnes at a 4.6 metre horizontal outreach and 1.4 tonnes at their 14.7 metre maximum.

The cranes on the biogas trucks are run off a battery-driven electro-hydraulic power pack which also has a PTO off the truck’s engine to drive the crane’s hydraulic pump if the battery is exhausted. On the electric truck the crane’s hydraulic pump is driven from the truck’s main electric drive motor, thereby using the vehicle’s main traction battery.

In both cases the crane’s control software has been adapted for the application to save as much energy as possible. “We are continuously working on developing our technology in order to optimise the energy consumption of our cranes, so that they are best suited to electric vehicles,” commented Anja Lykkebak, HMF head of product management abd communications.

Bygma is a long-time HMF customer having used its cranes for 15 years. Now there are hundreds of the company’s trucks in operation fitted with HMF cranes, the company said.

This investment in new Scania trucks, three powered by biogas and one by electric batteries, will make Bygma’s deliveries more environmentally friendly, less noisy and help meet the company’s carbon dioxide emission reduction targets, HMF said.

Preben Nielsen, Bygma purchasing director, explained, ”A biogas truck contributes significantly to CO2 reduction; in fact, as much as 90 per cent compared to diesel, depending on the type of gas used. That’s why we made this investment. Bygma’s new trucks will run on biogas, which offers the greatest savings on CO2. As the truck is stationary while work is being carried out with the crane – which is often used many times a day – we think it’s obvious to combine the two technologies.”

Silent, emission free and more

Nielsen acknowledged that an electric or biogas truck may be more expensive to buy but said there are also many advantages to switching to the greener technology.

”The electric crane is almost completely silent, and since the truck doesn’t emit CO2 when it is switched off, we significantly reduce both emissions and engine noise. The new trucks therefore offer a significant noise reduction compared to traditional trucks, which is very important in connection with construction sites in urban areas.”

In addition to quiet and carbon-neutral operation, the new HMF cranes also boast reliability, minimum maintenance, and ease of use, Nielsen said. ”We choose HMF cranes first and foremost because they are reliable and have an efficient maintenance setup. In addition, our drivers are pleased with the crane’s extra ’bend in the back’ which makes it flexible to work with.”

The investment in sustainable technology was precipitated by government initiatives. ”We support the Danish government’s goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 70 per cent by 2030. That’s also why we’re investing in these biogas trucks and why, in the coming years, we’ll be optimising our buildings, waste management and vehicle fleet – areas where CO2 emissions are high,” Preben explained.

More information to follow as it becomes available.


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