Electric lifting first for Mammoet

Handing over the new Liebherr LTC 1050-3.1E to Mammoet at its yard in the Netherlands Official handover of the new Liebherr LTC 1050-3.1E to Mammoet at its yard in Schiedam, Netherlands. Photo: Mammoet

International heavy lift and transport specialist Mammoet has taken delivery of its first wheeled mobile hydraulic crane with an electric and diesel power option.

unveiling the Liebherr LTC 1050-3.1E in Germany Unveiling the LTC 1050-3.1E at Liebherr in Germany, April 2022. Photo: KHL Group/Alex Dahm

Liebherr’s LTC 1050-3.1E was announced in April 2022 and was shown in public at the Bauma exhibition in Munich, Germany, in October. It is a 50 tonne capacity compact wheeled mobile telescopic crane with a difference. The three axle model’s crane elements can be powered either by the conventional diesel engine or by an electric motor from a mains supply.

Under electric power the crane can operate with zero emissions of greenhouse gases at the point of use. Full performance is also available in electric mode, Liebherr said. A further benefit of the electric option is reduced noise which helps at night or in noise sensitive areas.

Mammoet said the new crane will help it in its drive towards sustainability. Peter van Oostrom, Mammoet global projects and assets director, explained, “Cranes in the 50 tonne range are ideal to serve as a test bed for innovative technologies, as such equipment is at work around the clock for Mammoet. This allows us to offer new technologies to the largest possible number of customers, and for it to be put through its paces, demonstrating its viability in live industrial environments quickly.”

Where will it work

The new crane joins the fleet in the Netherlands to work on a range of projects in the civil and energy sectors. Road travel between job sites is done using the fully HVO-compatible diesel power train while all lifting on site can be done under electric power.

“The crane will complement our existing mobile fleet, offering customers that wish reduce the carbon impact of lifting an attractive option”, continued van Oostrom. “It will also provide Mammoet with greater flexibility when taking on jobs in small physical spaces; particularly indoors, where its zero emission capability is particularly important”.

On site the crane is plugged via a cable into the mains power grid. For full performance it needs a 125 Amp supply but it can be operated from 63 Amps. An external battery pack can also be used in the absence of a suitable mains supply.

For more technical detail see this article announcing the new crane.

diagram showing Liebherr LTC 1050-3.1E power train with electric motor The 72 kW electric motor and how it connects into the main drive system on the Liebherr LTC 1050-3.1E. Image: Liebherr

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