Eminox enters aftertreatment partnership with Frydenbø

08 November 2022

Martin Viksund (second from right), export sales manager at engine marinizer Frydenbø, with the Eminox team and Eminox’s new exhaust aftertreatment system. (Photo: Eminox)

Emissions reduction technologies specialist Eminox has announced a partnership with Norwegian engine marinizer Frydenbø through which Eminox will be the sole supplier of exhaust aftertreatment systems (EATS) for high-speed engines to meet IMO Tier 3 exhaust emissions regulations.

Anthony Greatwood, global product manager at Eminox, explained that the company has developed an exhaust aftertreatment system that is modular and highly configurable. Initially working with Frydenbø – which is distributor of FPT Industrial’s marine engines in the Baltic region – the system is available for marine engines of other manufacturers, as well.

“We are delighted to be working with the Frydenbø team and align our common goals of finding Class Approved solutions that ensure vessels can navigate their way across global waters with the latest compliance achieved,” said Greatwood. “We are proud of the exhaust aftertreatment systems we offer for high-speed diesel and gas engines, which can be tailored to suit many marine and power generation applications, including those with small or confined space envelopes.”

The Eminox EATS is a selective catalytic reduction (SCR) system and is available for engine power outputs ranging from 130 to 750 kW in marine applications.

“The EATS has been developed using Eminox’s own fully integrated technologies, as for example our urea dosing and mixing system which features a dynamic urea dosing managed by Eminox’s proprietary electronic control unit,” said Greatwood. “The SCR catalyst was especially optimized for marine application and for low back pressures. It is also formulated for fuels with higher sulfur content.”

Greatwood added that the EATS is entirely made of stainless steel and features an optional downstream seawater cooling system. Eminox delivers a ready to install product complete with the necessary harnesses and connectors, which makes the system also suitable for retrofit projects. In addition, a full diagnostic tool is available.

“Eminox also provides EATS for medium-speed engines with power outputs up to 10 MW, which suit power generation applications, too,” Greatwood said. “Our development of Stage 5 versions, where a diesel particulate filter is integrated with the SCR for Stage 5 engines, will help to meet growing emissions legislations. And we have inaugurated a new technical center in Chennai, India, primarily for off-road applications to support local markets.”

Eminox said it is also developing applications that will accommodate additional fuels, such as methanol, ammonia and hydrogen, in the future.

“We are working with many customers to provide engines that are fully emissions compliant and the exhaust aftertreatment systems from Eminox are perfectly suited to our requirements,” said Frydenbø CEO Per Jarle Røyrvik. “With an eye to the future, we are now working on a project that will see similar compliance achieved with Stage 5 Inland Waterways regulations so that we help the maritime industry achieve compliance there, too.”

The first vessel to benefit from the EATS technology is a fishing vessel, but it will be rolled out across a further eight Frydenbø engine types, the company said.


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