GE Power Services Adds Cross-Fleet Capabilities

18 May 2018

GE’s Power Services business said it had added a range of capabilities to advance the performance and reliability of other original equipment manufacturer (OEM) gas turbine fleets, including Siemens’ and Mitsubishi’s SGT-800 and 501F units.

GE also announced more than US$200 million in gas turbine cross-fleet orders backlog. GE said using its advanced capabilities and technology in these fleets will help gas plant operators gain more flexibility, reliability and efficiency along with longer maintenance intervals and better overall performance.

“GE is proven as one of the technology leaders and trusted service providers with 50 million hours of F-class operating experience on our own fleet, which we are applying to cross-fleet assets,” said Scott Strazik, president and CEO of GE’s Power Services business. “We’re also benefiting from the extensive steam turbine, generator and HRSG other-OEM capabilities and expertise we acquired from Alstom’s power business in November 2015. We’ve combined all of these attributes and broadened our capabilities to now include select cross-fleet gas turbines. With more than US$200 million in backlog orders in Latin America and Europe now booked, the timing makes sense to unveil our capabilities externally.”

The company said its expertise includes applying insights from GE’s F-class gas turbines, amassed from 50 million operating hours, to develop new hardware components that deliver better performance and services that reduce downtime. Patented and proprietary GE technologies such as advanced coatings, stronger alloys and enhanced cooling in turbine and combustion components help extend maintenance intervals and increase performance output. Plus, reliability enhancements will help reduce risk during extended intervals.

“With the expansion of our gas turbine cross-fleet capabilities, we’re adopting other OEMs’ units into our fleet for long-term services support,” said Martin O’Neill, general manager of cross-fleet solutions for GE’s Power Services business. “These capabilities span a broad range of services and are blended with our own OEM expertise, coming from both GE and Alstom. As an OEM with a collective 270+ years of power generation experience, we’re combining our proven expertise across similar gas turbine technologies with data-driven insights to improve the original performance and flexibility of these units.”

GE has completed several outages at 501F power plants, spanning inspection services on all major plant components and systems.

GE said it has also signed several long-term agreements to provide maintenance and performance upgrades for SGT-800 turbines. In addition, GE’s global network of some 40 service centers can inspect and analyze cross-fleet hardware, develop repair solutions that will keep power and steam producers up and running and improve overall plant performance, the company said.

GE’s gas turbine cross-fleet capabilities also include remote monitoring capabilities to help customers increase reliability and availability, reduce operation and maintenance costs and mitigate operational risks.


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