Gen-set news: gas and diesel

16 February 2021

A couple of product news today from gen-set manufacturer Pramac, related to gas and diesel units.

Pramac announced the expansion of its GGW series of standby gas industrial gen-sets, with increased power density. The new Pramac GGW625G and GGW750G models are equipped with spark-ignited Generac engines and offer performances that match those of traditional diesels, making the gen-sets suitable even for critical and demanding standby applications.

Pramac GGW gas gen-set New GGW gas gen-sets by Pramac

The GGW range of generators are suitable for applications that require fast start times, have a variable load profile and require low exhaust emissions. Pramac reported that the GGW range produces up to 20% less CO2 than equivalent diesel gen-sets and emits virtually no particulate matter.

The GGW range expansion brings the rich burn family up to 750 kVA (600kW) per module. Pramac explained that the combustion and control technologies have been developed with Generac and Motortech addressing the needs of standby, peaking and behind the meter applications.

Moreover, the low-pressure gas feed requirement means these gen-sets can be installed also in sites where natural gas is available at low pressure.

Some other key features of the new models in the GGW series are:

  • Ultra low emissions with three-way catalytic exhaust
  • 10 second start capability
  • 50%+ first Load step acceptance and full block load (0.-100%) capable
  • Possibility of unlimited parallel gen-to-gen (modular)
  • European Grid-code compliance
  • Proprietary integral control system Power Zone Pro Synch

Pramac also presented its GDW series of stationary diesel generators with output powers from 10 to 820kVA, that expands upon the capabilities of the existing GSW series. The first models released on the market cover a power range from 10 to 280kVA.

GDW diesel gen-set by Pramac Pramac introduced new GDW diesel gen-sets

The GDW series confirms Pramac’s approach in developing a basic core configuration compatible with a wide list of modules, to comply with local needs, purposes and regulations.

The GDW series features a number of characteristics enhancing its versatility:

  • three possible genset versions: ope
    GDW diesel gen-set by Pramac Pramac introduced new GDW diesel gen-sets
    n, silent and extra silent
  • Multiple fuel tank sizes ranging from 8 to 48+ hours of autonomy
  • Manual, automatic or parallel control panels equipped with options for remote signalization and/or control
  • Extended options list to enhance the genset safety, security and protection levels according ambient/site conditions and specific regulations
    Pramac GGW gas gen-set New GGW gas gen-sets by Pramac

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