Hägglunds hydraulic motors make Quantum leap

Hägglunds, a Bosch Rexroth brand, announced it is replacing its established CB hydraulic motors with the new Quantum range designed for heavy-duty applications, such as mining, mobile applications and more. The new range takes the proven strengths of the previous models while adding an enhanced performance curve.

The Hägglunds Quantum hydraulic motor range offers a top speed of over 150 rpm. (Photo: Bosch Rexroth)

The Quantum range, which includes the Quantum and Quantum Power, offers a top speed of over 150 rpm yet provides a sustainable maximum torque of more than 350 kNm. At corner power, users can achieve 3 MW, without sacrificing compactness or efficiency, the company stated.

“The Hägglunds Quantum range rewrites the rules of power density, especially when it comes to efficiency at higher speeds,” said Wolfram Ulrich, vice president of Sales, Hägglunds. “By stretching the limits so far beyond previous solutions, it introduces possibilities for greener operation, mobile applications and more.”

Tweaks in the original design and materials have increased the motors‘ efficiency and tripled the life expectancy compared to the CB range. For example, the Quantum Power incorporates a slim new connection block with additional ports and a unique internal design that the company said enable far higher speeds while retaining full torque capacity at high efficiency. This allows for high power with improved economy and sustainability.

“The two parts of the Hägglunds Quantum range, Hägglunds Quantum and Hägglunds Quantum Power, create a seamless curve without gaps in speed or torque,” says Ulrich. “One part reflects the constant, long-term improvement that we pursue in all Hägglunds solutions. The other is a result of radical new thinking – a true quantum leap.”

Hägglunds Atom has a maximum torque of up to 13.6 kNm and an outer diameter of only 350mm. (Image source: Bosch Rexroth AG)
Atom takes over

Hägglunds also announced that its smallest hydraulic motor, the Atom, will replace its CAb range.

Suitable for mobile, maritime and recycling applications, the compact yet power dense Atom has a maximum torque of up to 13.6 kNm and an outer diameter of only 350mm. It has a maximum speed up to 400 rpm, depending on frame size. All sizes allow maximum pressure up to and including its maximum speed, meaning an output power of up to 394 kW, with a motor weight of 52 to 102 kg.

The compact and lightweight motor has a peak pressure of up to 420 bar, allowing it deal with shock loads. Accordign to the company, this opens the door to smaller shredders and other machines in tough and unpredictable applications.


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