Hatz Components is born

27 December 2021

Motorenfabrik Hatz created Hatz Components GmbH

Hatz Components GmbH started operating as an independent company within the Hatz Group on December 1, 2021, with Bernd Krüper as CEO, He is CEO of Motorenfabrik Hatz as well.

Krüper CEO of Hatz Components Bernd Krüper, CEO of Motorenfabrik Hatz, will serve as CEO of Hatz Components too.

The Components division within the Hazt group bundles all precision machining tasks with the manufacture of high-precision metal components (especially conrods and crankshafts for the non-captive market) for various industries, such as the international automotive and commercial vehicle industry and agricultural machinery.

Motorenfabrik Hatz explained that the reorientation of automotive OEMs indirectly improves the prospects of component manufacturing. The focus of the automotive industry on electric powertrain solutions and the resulting reduction of internally produced combustion engine components pushes up the volume on the free market, as well as the demand for reliable partners. Hatz Components will position itself to meet these demands.

The new Hatz Components, located at the Motorenfabrik Hatz’ headquarters in Ruhstorf an der Rott, South Germany, employs about 500 employees (roughly half of all employees at headquarters).

Krüper explained that the goal of the new company is to be able to accommodate the requirements of the various on-highway and off-highway customers in a more specific manner, to increase flexibility, to cut costs, and to streamline operations. “By means of this step, we follow up on the good performance of our components business. The foundation of the new company enables a more dedicated positioning of our business and increases transparency. Along with our many innovation projects and our technological leadership in compact engines and analog and digital systems, this positioning makes us even more future-proof in the components sector.”

In the upcoming financial year, Hatz expects record sales both in the field of components and in engine production, provided that this will be possible against the backdrop of the tense coronavirus situation and the associated supply bottlenecks.

“As a supplier, we are well aware of the major challenges combustion engine-focused suppliers are confronted with, in view of the increasing concentration on electric powertrain solutions,” said Krüper. “We believe that it is important to be open to various technologies and also to further develop combustion engines. This is especially true when it comes to the use of alternative fuels, such as synthetic fuels or hybrid technologies.”

“The newly founded company demonstrates our commitment to the component business, which, in combination with our expertise and know-how, makes us the ideal partner,” said Kevin Unrath, director Corporate Development and Marketing.

The Engines and Systems division within the Motorenfabrik Hatz group will continue driving the technological evolution of the powertrain portfolio and of software-based solutions such as intelligent engine status monitoring. The company is pursuing a long-term innovation strategy of technological openness and progressive emission reduction, which will culminate in a zero-emission portfolio of engines and systems.


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