Higher efficiencies for next-generation Jenbacher 3F engine

05 October 2022

INNIO has launched its next generation Jenbacher Type 3F gas engine as part of the company’s commitment to empower the transition to net zero with flexible, scalable, and resilient energy solutions and services.

Jenbacher Type 3F engine INNIO Jenbacher has launched the Type 3F gas engine which the company said demonstrates significant improvements in efficiency, emissions reduction and maintenance over its predecessor. (Photo: INNIO)

The new and improved Jenbacher Type 3F engine offers customers proven robustness and reliability, INNIO said. In addition to delivering efficiencies as high as 43.3% when operating on pipeline gas, the Type 3F engine is optimized for reduced total hydrocarbon (THC) emissions, offers future-proofed fuel flexibility and enhanced serviceability, the company said.

“INNIO’s innovative engine technology is engineered to help drive industries and communities to net zero power generation,” said Dr. Olaf Berlien, INNIO’s president and CEO. “INNIO’s hydrogen-ready Jenbacher 3F technology is the latest energy solution committed to a climate-neutral, greener and more secure energy future.”

Building on the Jenbacher Type 3 engine that has more than 35 years of experience, a field population of more than 11,000 engines worldwide and has amassed more than 130,000 operating hours, INNIO said the new generation Jenbacher Type 3 brings numerous advantages to customers. These include:

- Future-proof fuel flexibility with a “Ready for Hydrogen” option that facilitates a transition from traditional fuels to H2 operation once H2 becomes readily available.

- Up to a 2% fuel efficiency boost over current engines.

- Lower THC emissions and greater efficiency, leading to a smaller environmental footprint

- Reduced oil consumption while providing longer lube oil lifetime and lower engine oil life-cycle costs

- Convenient upgrades for currently installed engines, ideally applied during minor/major overhaul/

“We have been working with the Jenbacher Type 3 engines for over 20 years,” said Thomas Roth, head of power and engineering at Dominikust-Ringeisen-Werk and operator of one of the field test plants. “Given our positive experience with the upgrade of the first engine to the new Jenbacher 3F generation model in 2020, it was an easy decision for us to implement this current upgrade. Thanks to the improved fuel usage of the Jenbacher 3F generation engine, we have been able to both increase our profitability and to reduce our environmental footprint.”

The Jenbacher Type 3F is available for applications in 50 Hz countries and will be available in 60 Hz countries in 2024, the company said.


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