Holcomb Scientific Research harnesses electron spin to deliver power

Holcomb Energy System Holcomb Energy System Photo: Holcomb Scientific Research

Unveiling a new technology which might have come directly from the pages of Ripley’s Believe It Or Not, Holcomb Scientific Research has released details of the Holcomb Energy System (HES), a patented power source which harnesses electron spin to deliver fuel- and emissions-free electrical power.

Developed over 13 years of intensive research, the HES was devised by Dr Robert Holcomb and co-founder Ellen Holcomb.

The system is based on harnessing the power of electron spin using iron as a base material. The captured energy is turned into electricity for delivery without any external power source, including solar, wind or fossil fuel. According to the company, the system is fully scalable and can deliver energy to meet requirements from personal through to industrial levels.

The products produced by Holcomb Scientific Research are reported as verified by DNV, a risk management and assurance provider.

Speaking about the new system, Dr Holcomb said: “Conventional generators are the foundation of the modern world, yet the technology has not improved in any significant way since it was conceived nearly 200 years ago. I ask the people of our world to blaze the trail for our leaders to follow - let’s consign fossil fuels to the annals of history and bring clean energy to a world that so desperately needs it.”

There are three products in the system range. The HES In-Line Power Generator can take power from any source before it ‘significantly magnifies power output’. This is said to return energy cost savings of up to 80%.

Second is the HES Stand-Alone Power Generation System. Operating independently of any outside power source, this uses a self-looping, self-regenerating process to power the system and deliver an electric load. It is reported that this system has the potential to deliver power up to an industrial scale, even charging transport.

The third unit is the HES Phase Converter. This takes a single or split-phase power source and turns it into a three-phase output, while simultaneously magnifying the power output. Using a solid-state mechanism, the converter is said to offer ‘a modern, inexpensive and reliable solution to the drawbacks of current phase conversion methods’.

HES systems are said to be already powering an industrial site and two further 2,400 square foot commercial facilities.

Details on the company site put forward that the HES can deliver electrical power at a cost of $0.02 per kWh.

This is not the first time that electron spin has been tapped for energy production. In one case, researchers at Ohio State University found that electron spin could be used to make a small amount of electrical power by warming one side of a semiconductor; the effect would be used for next-gen data storage.

In another application, a team of engineers at MIT found that an organic solvent could draw electrical power from carbon particles. The electrical energy could be used to drive chemical reactions or potentially power nanorobots.

While not the holy grail of perpetual motion, as theorised by Nikola Tesla, should the claims put forward by Holcomb Scientific Research for its HES systems prove accurate, the technology could be a useful addition to the power generation market.


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