Horiba’s new gas analysis systems

29 July 2021

Horiba’s OBS-One-XL onboard emissions measurement system Horiba’s OBS-One-XL onboard emissions measurement system that incorporates the company’s IRLAM technology.

Horiba Ltd. announced that it has developed a next generation gas analysis technology called Infrared Laser Absorption Modulation (IRLAM) and will launch several new products equipped with it.

IRLAM is an infrared gas analysis technology engineered to enable accurate, real-time measurements even in harsh operating environments. Its compact packaging has led to the commercialization of an on-vehicle exhaust gas measurement system equipped with IRLAM technology. As a new core technology, Horiba said it will be incorporated into many of its gas analysis systems to be released in the future.

“This new technology will play an important role as industries react to reduce their carbon footprint, develop solutions to meet tightening environmental regulations, monitor industrial processes for energy and resource conservation, and in the development of hydrogen technologies which is expected to become the next-generation energy source to realize carbon-neutrality,” said Rick Rooney, director of technical marketing.

Horiba’s MEXA-1 analyzer with IRLAM Horiba’s MEXA-1 analyzer with IRLAM.

IRLAM combines three technology pillars that Horiba said solve current and future measurement challenges for its markets with highly-accurate low concentration measurement of complex pollutants. Horiba said the three technologies are:

- An intelligent, rapid gas concentration algorithm to provide precision that does not diminish with changing environmental conditions.

- A Herriott Cell to enable high sensitivity and high-speed measurement in a compact size.

- A new in-house quantum cascade laser (QCL) that the company said can be optimized to precisely match the type of gas to be measured and the concentration range and is the suited to various gas analysis needs.

Among the products available with IRLAM technology is the On-Board Emissions Measurement System (OBS-ONE-XL) for the transportation industry. The product is capable of measuring ammonia (NH3) and nitrous oxide (N2O) while driving on the road, which are new measurement components to be added to the Euro 7 RDE test. The IRLAM design has high reliability to cope with the harsh operating environment (high temperature, high pressure, vibration, etc.) required in the on-road testing environment, the company said.

Also for the transportation industry is the Motor Exhaust Gas Analyzer (MEXA-ONE) Formaldehyde (XLA-13H) and Nitrous Oxide (XLA-11) exhaust gas analysis system. The XLA-13H analyzer can measure formaldehyde (HCHO) in real-time, which can eliminate the need for DNPH cartridge analysis, the company said. The XLA-11 analyzer can also measure nitrous oxide (N2O) with high accuracy, Horiba said.



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