John Deere powers a better wood chipper

22 November 2023

The 952 mega chipper The 952 mega chipper

Since it was established in 2004, Ufkes Greentec has been providing customers with top-quality forestry and landscaping machines. In 2009 the company started developing and manufacturing its own line of wood chippers, wood chipper combinations, stump grinders and forest tillers.

Before starting his own line of machines, Ufkes Greentec founder Jippe Ufkes worked as a sales engineer. Working with customers purchasing imported machines he identified key limitations. With just a few simple, yet smart changes, Ufkes Greentec could offer a highly- efficient wood chipper with great ROI potential.

“Even now, we constantly challenge ourselves to combine simplicity and smartness in our designs,” Ufkes said.

Diversified portfolio

Ufkes Greentec’s extensive portfolio covers more than 40 chipper designs, including track-mounted, hitch-mounted, PTO-driven and self-propelled models. Infeed openings range from 30 to 90 centimeters (12 to 36 inches).

Parkline and Forstline ranges cater to different customers and application needs. Parkline is for professional arborists, municipalities and landscaping companies looking for smaller-capacity machines. Forstline offers larger-capacity versions for foresters, contractors and tree care companies. Modular designs enable quick customization, which Ufkes says is unusual in the wood chipper equipment business.

The Greentec difference

Ufkes Greentec chippers feature a Venturi discharge mouth and integrated blower system. Cutting material at the front and discharging chips at the back reduces dust in and around the machine, making the chippers especially popular for urban jobs. Four program settings enable them to handle anything from branches to heavy logs; an eco-mode lowers the engine’s rpm by 15%, reducing fuel consumption and noise.

Venturi side loader on the Ufkes Greentec 962 Venturi side loader on the Ufkes Greentec 962

A cost-effective, quick-change disposable knife system speeds up knife replacement. And a specially-designed sieve ensures dust-free delivery of a clean, uniform chip size. Ufkes Greentec’s Control System 3.0 allows the operator to monitor and remotely control the machine, crane (if applicable) and engine.

All of these benefits are further supported by the John Deere industrial engines powering the units.

“Most of the chippers I imported had John Deere engines,” Ufkes said. “I liked them because they never had any issues processing different types and thicknesses of materials. In addition, no matter where our customers were located, they received expert engine service. So, I was keen to stay with John Deere, but through a local supplier. I contacted NPS Driven B.V., a John Deere engine distributor for Benelux, France and Germany, who had provided service for some of our engines over the years.”

Best in class

A chipper which showcases the best Ufkes Greentec has to offer is the 962 Venturi tracked side loader. This compact, high-capacity machine has a chip diameter capacity of up to 65 centimeters (26 inches). Power is delivered by a John Deere 9.0 L Stage 5 engine.

The extra-wide infeed table has a 96-centimeter (38-inches) diameter, allowing it to process tough offshoots and splits thanks to the Venturi/blower system combo. A specially-designed counter knife cuts fine branches at a different angle, enhancing cut quality and yield.

John Deere 9.0 L engine as fitted in a wood chipper John Deere 9.0 L engine as fitted in a wood chipper

Ufkes Greentec replaced the traditional single infeed roller with two smaller top-infeed rollers fitted with sharp teeth. This allows the blades and rollers to hold onto the log for longer and deliver more uniform chips, all with less strain on the machine. While running at low engine speeds, the John Deere 9.0 L industrial engine can easily switch between materials.

“No matter what material the operator throws at it, the engine runs quietly and consistently,” Ufkes said.

Distributor support

The large-capacity, self-propelled 942 and 952 mega chippers also feature 6.8- and 9.0 L Stage 5 industrial engines by John Deere.

“They deliver reliability, flexibility, fuel efficiency and low noise,” Ufkes said. “Within each program, the operator can adjust start and stop speed, infeed speed, infeed rollers and engine speed to handle even the most extreme loads. This puts a lot of demand on an engine, but these engines can handle it.”

All engines are supplied by NPS Driven. “NPS shares our work ethic: deliver on your promises, focus on solutions and don’t leave loose ends,” Ufkes said. “We involve them in the development of new models, and they provide us with ‘plug and play’ power packs that we can simply drop in. In Dutch we would say ‘het klopt,’ which basically means ‘everything’s just right’.”

This article was originally published in Diesel Progress International Q4 Oct-Dec 2023.

Hester Regoort is a freelance industry writer based in Belgium.


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