John Deere’s 2024 stand-on mower models

John Deere is debuting new QuikTrak commercial-grade mowers for 2024, targeted to the needs of professional landscape contractors. Six models are designed to provide more speed, power and fuel capacity to improve productivity in turf management applications.

John Deere QuikTrak mower The M and R Series mowers offer 27-hp carb and 34.5- hp EFI options and a choice of 48-, 54- and 60-in. decks.(Photo: John Deere)

New 2024 models in the E Series include the Q810E and Q820E. They boast serviceability improvements such as a single power takeoff belt design and aluminum commercial mowing spindles for fast and simple changing of mower blades. They also include high-lift blades and a new belt cover design for easier cleanout, John Deere noted. The Q820E QuikTrak mower also includes a 23.5-hp engine for increased mowing power.

New Q800 M and R Series models include the Q820M, Q850M, Q850R and Q865R EFI. Now featuring a wider horsepower range, the M and R Series mowers offer 27-hp carb and 34.5- hp EFI options designed to offer optimal power, especially in challenging conditions.

In addition, the M and R Series offer 7-Iron PRO decks in 48-, 54- and 60-in. sizes. Anti-scalp wheels on the deck’s front and back edges help with uneven terrain, whilwe the trim side bumper helps protect property and the mower deck, the company noted. The height of cut features improved access and visibility during height selection, providing quick changes from 1.5- to 5-in. cut heights. New spindle covers are designed to help ease cleanout.

Traction is improved due to the even weight distribution of the new low-profile fuel tanks, which are positioned over the drive tires on both sides of the mower. This helps stabilize the machine and provides better traction for mowing along slopes. On level ground, the even weight distribution also minimizes damage to the turf. The fuel system was also redesigned to draw fuel from both tanks equally, plus the two 6-gal. saddle tank design provides 114% more fuel capacity than previous John Deere models.

John Deere QuikTrak mower A 14% larger foot platform and forward pitch of the leaning pad center the operator over the pivot point of the mower for added comfort and stability during use. (Photo: John Deere)

The new compact design on M and R Series models allows easy access for maintenance and repairs. The front engine guard folds forward for access to the mower deck and to the engine for easier engine oil changes. From the operator station, the leaning pad can be removed, along with the service panels, without tools to perform daily checks and keep the area clean. The traction drive belt is accessible from the top side of the transaxles.

The new operator station on the M and R Series provides improved access to controls, while keeping them protected, and provides a cockpit-type feel. A 14% larger foot platform, combined with the forward pitch of the leaning pad, centers the operator over the pivot point of the mower for added comfort and stability while driving. The wider foot platform also provides the operator with the ability to reposition over varying terrains. A new display panel provides enhanced feedback – such as vehicle hours, fuel level, engine speed and voltmeter – in real time, along with indicators for PTO, operator presence control, oil pressure and park brake.

M and R Series models received tire upgrades for 2024, helping to improve curb-climbing capabilities and provide better traction, John Deere said. Factory-installed Tweel options in 22- and 24-in. sizes are also available to help eliminate flats and downtime.


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