Johnson Matthey invests in electrolyzer company

01 June 2022

Johnson Matthey, a global leader in sustainable technologies, has entered into a strategic partnership with Enapter, a commercial supplier of anion exchange membrane (AEM) electrolysis technology. As part of the partnership, JM will invest €20 million ($21.3 million), which represents 4.31%, in Enapter.

Enapter AEM technology Johnson Matthey has entered into a strategic partnership with Enapter, a commercial supplier of kW to MW scale anion exchange membrane (AEM) electrolyzers. (Photo: Enapter)

AEM is a next-generation electrolyzer technology that promises to drive down the cost of green hydrogen towards a point where it becomes competitive with fossil fuels, Johnson Matthey said.

The partnership will include collaborating on the joint development of advanced components for Enapter’s AEM stacks. Specialized catalysts will also be supplied by Johnson Matthey, which has broad expertise in catalysis.

Both companies are committed to supporting the transition to net zero by accelerating the development of AEM electrolysis. Enapter’s highly efficient standardized and modular AEM electrolyzers are engineered to allow green hydrogen production from kW to MW scale at lower associated costs for various applications, including electricity storage (residential and industrial), production of synthetic gas or methane (power-to-gas), mobility (hydrogen refueling and e-fuels) and industrial use.

Johnson Matthey and Enapter will jointly investigate opportunities for the recycling of production scraps and components from end-of-life products.

“Our ambition is to become the global leader in green hydrogen technologies and to diversify our technology base in this booming market, both in the electrolyzer and fuel cell markets,” said Liam Condon, CEO of Johnson Matthey. “This strategic partnership is at the heart of our strategy as we focus our resources on growth areas targeted at climate change solutions. Working with Enapter is a great opportunity for us to accelerate and further expand in green hydrogen and deliver on our vision for a cleaner, healthier world.”

Sebastian-Justus Schmidt, Founder and CEO of Enapter, said, “Rapid growth and scaling of our technology lies at the core of our mission to drive down the cost of green hydrogen. This partnership recognizes Johnson Matthey’s pioneering work in material chemistry and its industrialization, and enables us to continue enhancing the efficiency and performance of our products to deliver on the promise of clean energy for all.”


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