MAN Engines presents V12X engine at Cannes Yacht Festival

22 August 2022

The newly developed 12-cylinder vee-configuration V12X engine for yacht applications has an output of 2200 hp (1618 kW) at 2300 r/min from 30 litres of displacement. “We are opening up new opportunities for shipyards with this next generation of engines. The MAN V12X can not only top existing applications, but also power new larger yachts and superyachts,” said Reiner Roessner, head of Sales at MAN Engines.

Compared with the previous most powerful yacht engine from MAN Engines – the MAN V12-2000 with 2000 hp (1471 kW) – the displacement of the MAN V12X has been increased by more than five litres and the maximum torque from 6500 Nm to 7350 Nm. The MAN V12X is based on a completely new basic engine, incorporating many findings from the current V12 engine series, MAN Engines said.

V12X engine for yachts by MAN Engines

The bore has been enlarged to 138 mm and the stroke to 165 mm. The wall thicknesses of the crankcase have been increased at significant points and the bolt connection between the upper and lower parts of the case has been optimised; also, a new crankshaft with larger bearing diameters has been installed.

Test bench trials with long running times have been carried out as well as trials at customers on the water. The experience gathered has been key in the development, along with findings from the E3872 stationary gas engine developed in parallel. This counterpart for power and heat generation is based on the same basic engine and was presented for the first time at the end of 2021.

The MAN V12X in the highest output for yachts is designed for a full-load share of up to 20%.

A new coolant pump and a new thermostat housing have been introduced to guarantee a long service; the engine is also optionally available with an outer-skin cooling system instead of the closed coolant circuit.

The new cylinder head of the MAN V12X has been significantly optimised in terms of flow and cooling, while the oil supply has also been modified by using new oil pumps and new oil coolers.

With the V12X, MAN Engines uses hydraulic valve lash adjustment (HVA) as standard on marine engines for the first time, which eliminates the need for regularly checking and adjusting the valve lash.

The new common rail injection system works at 2200 bar injection pressure and MAN Engines said it contributes to the low fuel consumptions and raw emissions. The engine control unit is also new and the modular exhaust gas aftertreatment system has also been adapted for high outputs, to meet strict legal requirements such as IMO Tier 3 emissions standard.

The lightweight aftertreatment system allows for a wide range of installation possibilities as individual selective catalytic reduction components can be positioned differently for a flexible system integration.

The MAN V12X is also available in combination with the hybrid system from MAN Engines: the MAN Smart HYBRID Experience.

MAN Engines added that the compact installation dimensions of 2235 x 1250 x 1320 mm (length x width x height) are almost identical to those of the MAN V12 series with 24-L displacement, which makes the engine ideal for new builds as well as for repowering projects. The unit has a dry weight of 2720 kg and offers a power-to-weight ratio of 0.81 hp (0.59 kW) per kilogram of dry weight or 74.3 hp (54.6 kW) per litre of displacement.

Mikael Lindner, head of MAN Engines, commented on the V12X being an integral part of MAN’s sustainability strategy: “In the first step, we use existing solutions such as dual fuel hydrogen technologies or regenerative diesel to reduce CO2 emissions. Our hybrid system, the ‘MAN Smart HYBRID Experience’, offers an entry point into the electrification of marine drives. For the future, we will continue to draw on the group’s expertise and further develop suitable solutions for our customers.”

The V12X engine will be available in the V12X-2200 model from mid-2024, completing MAN Engines’ high-performance portfolio for yachts from 730 to 2200 hp (537 to 1618 kW).

MAN Engines will showcase the MAN V12X engine at the Cannes Yachting Festival 2022 on its booth located at Jetée 173, Vieux Port.


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