Miratech Launches Simplified Silencer Specifying Program

08 January 2020

For a number of years, Miratech, the Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA-headquartered supplier of exhaust emissions and acoustic systems for diesel and gaseous-fueled engines, used an internally developed web-based program to apply and optimize emissions controls, silencers, and related hardware for their customer’s specific applications. The company’s internal staff, as well as authorized representatives and distributors, use this program – the Miratech Catalyzer – to create detailed system proposals for customers.

Now the company has expanded the program to enable selection and pricing of all of the company’s acoustic products and exhaust accessories and as well as releasing access to customers on an account basis, enabling customers to specify a system themselves from any web browser.

The Miratech Catalyzer – Silencer Sizing Tool is a new resource that can be used to create exhaust system project calculations for acoustics and system backpressure, along with technical drawings and pricing options. The program, which was developed in-house, can help design exhaust systems for an extensive range of reciprocating diesel and gaseous-fueled engines used in power generation, gas compression, marine, industrial and off-road applications.

“Giving the customer the information and tools to allow them to accurately create, select, confirm their exhaust systems performance and price, review options, generate, access and share project proposal drawings and technical detail where and when they need to is what’s it’s all about,” said Nick Detor, Power Generation Division manager. “Speed of service has always been a Miratech theme. We know our customers are busy and often need to move very quickly to make the most of their time. We have designed the silencer selection tool as a resource they can rely on as key part of that process.”

The Miratech Catalyzer – Silencer Sizing Tool incorporates a preloaded database containing exhaust and acoustic data from hundreds of the most widely used diesel and gaseous fueled engines ranging from 30 to 4000 hp. The engine database captures a wide variety of measurement units, allowing the user to select those with which they are most familiar. In the event the required engine is not in the existing database, Miratech said the program also allows the user to input their own application data such as exhaust flow, temperature and acoustic profile.

From there, users can select from the company’s extensive range of silencers in residential, industrial, critical, hospital, or extreme grades in cylindrical disk and oval configurations, with spark arrestors and ATEX-certified units included.

The intuitive program interface can be used to create a 3D, rotatable model of the exhaust system for reference as the user builds their system. This feature helps confirm that all necessary elements are included and that individual elements can be customized for the required length, diameter, orientation and position, the company said.

“Much like our emissions solution selection tool, a big part of our focus centered on workflow and ease of use,” said Josh Thompson, Software Engineering manager at Miratech. “Our team worked with various customers and internal users to really understand what our customers valued. Getting the workflow right is important for everyone who uses the program.”

Once a configuration is finalized, the project can be saved and accessed later from any web browser using the username and password created as part of the user’s profile filled out at miratechcorp.com.

Now in its 28th year, Miratech operates manufacturing facilities at its Tulsa headquarters, as well as in Prior Lake, Minnesota, Knoxville, Tennessee, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, and Sinntal, Germany.


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