Mitsubishi Power Aero supplying mobile turbines

Five MOBILEPAC units for Life Cycle Power

Mitsubishi Power Aero will supply five FT8 MOBILEPAC gas turbine units, adding 155 MW of capability to Life Cycle Power (LLP)’s fleet.

Mitsubishi Power Aero’s multi-fuel, 31 MW mobile generators fulfill urgent requirements, including disaster relief and emergency power. In this application, LCP expects to deliver emergency backup generation capacity to electric utilities serving Texas markets. The MOBILEPAC units can support the grid to provide electricity to over 150 000 homes and businesses that may otherwise be in the dark during extreme weather events like the 2021 polar vortex, the company said.

Power grids must keep energy demand and supply in balance at every moment or risk uncontrolled blackouts. In February 2021, ERCOT ordered power generators across Texas to cut power to significant portions of the state to avoid even larger blackouts that could have left most of Texas without power.

Mitsubishi Power Aero LLC, a leading global provider of fast-track, on-demand power solutions, has signed an agreement with Life Cycle Power (Houston, Texas) to supply five FT8 MOBILEPAC gas turbine units, adding 155 MW of capability to LCP’s fleet. (Image: Mitsubishi Power)

“Building grid resilience to extreme weather is a work in progress, and state officials and agencies have encouraged energy companies to weatherize their plants, transmission lines, and other facilities,” said John Tuma, CEO of Houston, Texas-based Life Cycle Power. “Life Cycle Power’s backup mobile generation resources can help utilities and operations that need reliable power mitigate the negative effects of weather conditions like the one that severely tested our electric grid last year.”

“Speed was a key consideration to advance this project,” said Raul Pereda, Mitsubishi Power Aero president and CEO. “Life Cycle Power required prompt delivery and quick installation, and more importantly, dependable, flexible generating equipment that is designed to provide power fast. When you flip that switch, you can expect the MOBILEPAC units to react immediately, delivering power when and where Texans need it most.”

Mitsubishi Power Aero LLC, headquartered in Glastonbury, Connecticut, USA, is a leader in the supply of fast-track, on-demand power solutions to global power producers and industrial and O&G customers. It provides flexible and customizable products and services, including aero-derivative gas turbine packages that generate 30 to 140 MW, tailored and responsive aftermarket services, turnkey EPC expertise, and battery storage. As the demand for electricity expands, and more renewables are added to power grids, Mitsubishi Power Aero will continue to play a vital role in providing energy security to customers around the world. Mitsubishi Power Aero is a group company of Mitsubishi Power Americas, Inc.


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