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21 December 2020

Taylor Power Systems’ new 1 MW rental generator set driven by a pair of Volvo Penta diesels

By Mike Brezonick

Continuing its aggressive new product development efforts, Taylor Power Systems has launched a new 1 MW portable container-mounted generator designed for rental applications. While Taylor Power has manufactured 1 and 2 MW units for industrial standby duties, this is the largest rental gen-set the Mississippi manufacturer has ever developed.

“The TR1000 will offer rental customers and rental companies the latest Tier 4 final engine technology along with other design features specific to rental generators,” said Steve Duke, general manager of Taylor Power Systems. “This model was designed and developed by our Taylor Power engineering team based on our 34 years of generator manufacturing experience along with lessons learned from having our own rental fleet.”

The TR1000 can be utilized by equipment rental companies, first responders, hospitals, manufacturing facilities, and essentially any business that needs a considerable volume of immediate power, the company said.


The TR1000 gen-set is powered by a pair of Volvo Penta TWD1673GE diesel engines rated 500 kW at 1800 rpm. The TWD1673GE is an inline six-cylinder, 16.1 L diesel gen-set engine that incorporates electronic high-pressure fuel injection, an overhead camshaft, turbocharger, and water-cooled exhaust manifold. Certified to EPA’s Tier 4 final exhaust emissions regulations, the engines are optimized for 60 Hz at 1800 rpm for prime and standby power generation.

Taylor TR1000
The TR1000 generator set is powered by twin Volvo Penta TWD1673GE diesels that drive Marathon alternators.

The engines each come with its own integral radiator for cooling and Taylor Power Systems adds a forced circulation coolant heater designed to ensure that engines are heated evenly when operating in cold conditions.

The engines directly drive Marathon 573RSL4033 alternators that each deliver 500 kW of 480/208 V power at 60 Hz. Part of Marathon’s MagnaMax range, the alternators are four-pole, three-phase units that include unirotor construction, optimized stator windings, shielded heavy-duty bearings, enhanced ventilation and digital voltage regulation.

“With two gen-sets we are able to meet 1 MW and even have a 10% overload built in at 480 V,” said Brock Williamson, marketing manager at Taylor Power Systems. “In many cases, facilities that require 1 MW during the day often do not sustain that level of demand overnight. We now have the ability to conserve fuel by shutting a unit down based on programmable thresholds.

“This inherently extends the interval between service/maintenance intervals, keeps the units running at peak performance, and of paramount importance, reduces unnecessary emissions.

“Additionally, units that have a single engine must be shut down for service. With two gen-sets, we can leverage off-peak hours to shut units down individually for service with no interruption in power.”

The TR1000 gen-set can operate as an automatic standby unit or as prime power. Each generator has a dedicated 1600A Square D breaker and voltage selector switch for 480 or 208 V operation, which is important for overcurrent protection, the company said. Additionally, it contains dual voltage 480 V ac and 208 V ac with automatic voltage trimming when the selector switch position is changed.

Engine and generator functions are controlled through a Deep Sea Electronics 8610 panel mounted to each generator or both can be operated externally through a Deep Sea 8004 remote panel. Williamson said the Deep Sea controls make paralleling “an easy task even for inexperienced operators.”

Load share modules also allow parallel operation with non-Deep Sea controllers using analog load share lines, the company said.


Telematics is an additional option which provides users with the ability to check unit status, fault status, location, as well as start or stop the unit using a mobile device. The gen-sets can also connect with building networks using an ethernet connection for remote monitoring.

Taylor TR1000
The TR1000 rental generator is packaged within a 40 ft. container mounted on a three-axle trailer for easy towing between jobs.

The 40 ft. container also incorporates a pair of 1000 gal. fuel tanks that provide 24-hours run time at rated load, the company said. The skid-mounted gen-sets incorporate spill containment under the engines and the container incorporates a service/access ladder, as well as side entrance doors for easy service access.

The engines include diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) tanks and can be teamed with a 1600 gal. DEF trailer for extended prime power operation. The container, which includes external cam-lok connections, is mounted on a DOT- approved triple-axle trailer for transport between sites.

The TR1000 gen-sets are produced at Taylor’s Clinton, Miss., manufacturing site and are ready for order.

The new rental gen-set is the third new gen-set the company has launched this year. In mid-summer, Taylor unveiled a 750 kW diesel standby set, the TD750, that plugged a gap between the company’s existing 600 kW and 800 kW units. Earlier in the spring, the company launched the trailer-mounted TR25 generator set rated 25 kW and targeted toward jobsite power, rental, municipalities, first responders and telecommunications.

This story first appeared in the November 2020 issue of Diesel Progress. To subscribe, click here.


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