New fuel system for natural gas vehicles

01 May 2023

Cummins Clean Fuel Technologies, the joint venture between Cummins and Rush Enterprises subsidiary Momentum Fuel Technologies, has introduced a new series of back of cab (BOC) fuel systems, available in 135 diesel gallon equivalent (DGE) and 175 DGE capacities.

Back of cab fuel systems Cummins Clean Fuel Technologies has introduced a new series of back of cab (BOC) fuel systems, available in 135 diesel gallon equivalent (DGE) and 175 DGE capacities. (Photo: Cummins)

The designs of the new BOC systems have been enhanced with a redesigned roof, for improved aerodynamics, and an all-new extruded aluminum frame and smaller overall dimensions, to accommodate all truck OEMs. Further, the overall weights of the 135N and 175N systems have been reduced by more than 400 lb., due to an advanced lightweight structure and simplified plumbing arrangement, without sacrificing the quality and durability of the system. With fewer fittings and an easier-to-remove cover assembly, the new back of cab systems are designed to improve serviceability, helping to reduce annual inspection time and ease troubleshooting for technicians.

To add more value for customers, the BOC 135N and 175N systems paired with a Cummins X15N engine receive the same base warranty coverage as the engine – two years/250,000 miles.

All Cummins Clean Fuel Technologies systems come with the GreenLync 3.0 electronics communication system as standard equipment. GreenLync 3.0 was recently enhanced with new safety features, including heat detection in the CNG cabinet, onboard diagnostics with multiple screen settings and a robust electronic control unit housed inside the integrated fuel management module, which broadcasts an alert to the driver via in-dash screens.

Cummins Clean Fuel Technologies The designs of the new BOC systems have been enhanced with a redesigned roof and a new extruded aluminum frame and smaller overall dimensions to accommodate all truck OEMs. (Photo: Cummins)

The enhanced system has triple the processing power and uses the most advanced proprietary technologies to provide valuable real-time information to drivers, fleet managers and technicians to effectively manage, diagnose and service CNG vehicles, focusing on driver confidence and providing a more diesel-like experience. The system is designed to reduce false occurrences of engine fault codes and can integrate with telematics platforms to enable fleet managers to understand their vehicle performance and optimize fuel management.

“Our new back of cab configurations reflect our advanced engineering expertise and continued commitment to enhancing our products and adding value to our customers, including drivers and fleet managers, and technicians,” said Mike Zimmerman, general manager, Cummins Clean Fuel Technologies. “The enhancements we’ve made to our BOC 135N and 175N, help make our systems lighter and more fuel efficient as well as more compatible with all OEMs. Further, continued integration with Cummins’ technologies, including the Cummins X15N engine, and GreenLync 3.0, makes it easier for technicians to troubleshoot, while offering enhanced safety features and providing real-time information to drivers and fleet managers to help maintain vehicle safety and optimize performance,” Zimmerman added.

The BOC 135N and 175N fuel systems are now in production.


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