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Sun Ba II was designed as a multi-shaft combined cycle power plant in which two gas turbines and one steam turbine each drives its own electrical generator. Siemens Energy’s scope of supply comprises the plant’s power island consisting of two SGT6-9000HL gas turbines, one SST-5000 steam turbine, three SGen6-2000P generators, two heat-recovery steam generators, and the SPPA-T3000 control system. (Image: Siemens Energy)

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Siemens Energy a key collaborator in Sun Ba II project

Taiwan’s path to net-zero emissions by 2050 is based, among other things, on the energy transition and industrial transition strategies.

Taiwan’s energy transition is rooted in promoting green energy, increasing natural gas, reducing coal-firing, and going nuclear-free – for a stable power supply with reduced carbon emissions.

In 2021, the strong global demand for semiconductors and components for the electronics industry has given Taiwan its strongest economic growth in more than a decade (GDP: 6.28%).

The Sun Ba II project will respond to the rising energy demand in record time to support Taiwan’s economic growth and energy transition

All parties involved are contributing with confidence (Siemens Energy, EPC partner CTCI Corp., and customer Sun Ba Power Corp.).

Siemens Energy collectively focused on the project goal: to produce a large amount of electricity at the lowest possible cost and at the same time drive a significant CO₂ reduction.

The HL-class turbine was built using advanced technologies based on the H-class fleet, which has more than two million operating hours. Siemens Energy continues to support the energy transition with this high-efficiency turbine installed at customer sites in Taiwan and around the world. (Image: Siemens Energy)

The project partners have conducted several CSR activities involving the community: for example, supporting local employment.

The company also worked together to resolve critical situations: for example, finding a solution when a key supplier experienced financial difficulties.

Taiwan deserves best-in-class technology

The plant features an optimal levelized cost of electricity (lifecycle cost) thanks to a 25-year service contract and best-in-class efficiency (to compensate for expensive LNG).

It also delivers outstanding daily start and stop cycling capability and the highest available power output.

Proof: The HL turbine offers world-class technology to Taiwan and was awarded by the Guinness World Records organization for its power output and ramp rate (100.56/min.) achieved at Duke Energy’s Lincoln Combustion Turbine Station in the U.S.

The plant is also future-proof: The HL-class gas turbine is already capable of handling 50% hydrogen content today, which will enable other operational scenarios in the future.

Outstanding joint project management masters adverse global market conditions

The plant is on schedule to achieve COD by mid-2024, despite extremely difficult market conditions (including COVID and global supply chain issues).

Siemens Energy defied supply chain shortages: This means adjusting processes and schedules to manage the restrictions and accelerating the company’s business with suppliers through targeted higher prioritization.

Siemens Energy managed logistical constraints: The forward-looking planning provided sufficient float, and the company were able to secure transportation capacities early on.

Siemens Energy mastered the energy crisis and inflation: The company ensured that the customer was the #1 priority, and so the project was finished on time in spite of adversity. The company never saw’ global obstacles as an excuse but rather as an incentive to ensure that the project goals were met on schedule.


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