Provisional EU MEWP dumping duties revealed

The European Union (EU) has provided a summary of proposed tariffs on MEWPs produced in China, following its anti-dumping investigation. They have been met with varying reactions from the industry, ranging from concern to relief. 

The investigation was carried out by the European Commission (EC), and has resulted in the provisional set of tariffs centred on protecting EU countries from ‘dumped’ imports of “Mobile Access Equipment (MAE), originating in the People’s Republic of China.”

The Berlaymont building - headquaters of the European Commission The Berlaymont building - headquaters of the European Commission (Image: Andrzej via AdobeStock -

Based on Article 19a of the European Parliament (EU) 2016/1036 regulation, the investigation covers, ‘self-propelled mobile access equipment designed for the lifting of persons, with a maximum working height of 6m or more.”

The provisional tariffs also cover pre-assembled or ready-to-assemble sections, but exclude, “individual components when presented separately, and...lifting equipment mounted on vehicles.”

It has not yet been confirmed when the full investigation will be completed, or if these provisional tarrifs will ultimately be imposed. (See the provisional duties below).

There has already been reaction from the industry, with Sinoboom expressing “great concern and surprise” at the proposed tarrifs. “The privately owned company has cooperated fully with the investigations and supplied all required information.

“ now liaising with the European Commission to understand how to resolve this challenging and concerning situation. An appeal is being prepared,” added the company in a statement.” (See further comments from Sinoboom below). 

In an interview with Access International at the end of May, Karel Huijser, JLG’s General Manager and VP for EAME, said he  welcomed the investigation. “Healthy and fair competition is vital for the development of a robust European industry. I think a swift and decisive resolution by the European Commission to restore a level playing field for all manufacturers who, like JLG, invest heavily in the development of world-leading products, would be the best outcome.”

Duties laid out

The provisional duties on companies that cooperated with the investigation, are as follows:

  • Sinoboom 56.1%
  • Dingli 31.3%
  • Terex (Genie) 25.6%
  • JLG 23.6%

All other companies that cooperated with the investigation are all set to receive tariffs of 32%, while those that were not sampled or checked receive tariffs of 56.1%.

Cooperating companies include:

  • Lingong Heavy Machinery
  • Zoomlion
  • XCMG
  • Haulotte
  • Fronteq
  • Liugong
  • Hangcha
  • Chufeng
  • Reeslift
  • Mantall
  • Qiyun Group
  • Juxin Machinery
  • Yuntian Intelligent Machinery Equipment.

Industry reaction 

The EC provisional findings added that all exporters of MEWPs which have been allocated individual tariffs will receive details of those. “All exporting producers should check carefully the spelling of their company name. Please notify the Commission of any errors immediately,” it said. 

Speaking to Access International, Haulotte said it was happy with the provisional findings. “We are pleased to see that the EU has taken this decision, even if it is not the final one. It shows they have listened. It is important that all manufacturers have equal and fair access to the market, wherever they come from.”

Haulotte added that the equipment produced at its China facility is delivered to the immediate region, and therefore would not be subject to EU tariffs. 

Sinoboom went on to say in its statement that the company, “and its team of employees around the world remain committed to providing a high quality, competitive customer oriented service.”

The company pointed out that it is still led by its original founders - husband and wife team Susan Xu and Stephen Liu. “They extend their thanks to all Sinoboom partners and team members in Europe for their support at this challenging moment in the company’s history.

“The company continues to collaborate fully with all relevant authorities and is determined that there will be no interruption in the services provided to its customers and its continuing growth strategy. This includes the ongoing development of its manufacturing facilities in Poland.”


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