Rolls-Royce presents propulsion concepts for military vehicles

Rolls-Royce’s Power Systems division has expanded its mtu engine program for military land vehicles to include a hybrid powerpack for special tactical requirements and a 10-cylinder, 1,100+ kW (1,475 hp) version of the mtu Series 199. Both concepts were premiered at the Eurosatory defense trade fair, which took place in Paris, June 17 to 21.

mtu hybrid drive for military vehicles Rolls-Royce presented the concept of an mtu hybrid drive for military land vehicles at the Eurosatory defense trade fair in Paris. (Source: Rolls-Royce Power Systems)

“Future armored military land vehicles will require more power for propulsion and onboard power supply for the electronic systems. At the same time, they will be designed for a different tactical approach in the field,” said Knut Müller, senior vice president, Global Governmental Business at Rolls-Royce Power Systems. “Our future mtu propulsion solutions for this application take both of these requirements into account.”

The new mtu hybrid drive is designed to combine the advantages of a high-performance diesel engine with those of a battery-electric drive. The highly integrated propulsion system requires a comparatively small installation footprint in the vehicle, maximizing the volume available for equipment and crew, said Rolls-Royce. For quiet operation, such as in a concealed position, the batteries, previously charged in diesel mode, supply the vehicle’s electrical and electronic systems.

Vehicle range and the downstream logistics chain for refueling have been optimized, the company said. An anti-idling mode is also said to significantly reduce fuel consumption when the vehicle is on standby.

To minimize noise generated by the drive, Rolls-Royce uses a specially developed and customized silencer in combination with the hybrid main propulsion. The electric propulsion also serves as a booster for highly dynamic acceleration, noise-reduced low-speed driving or high-speed driving, the company added.

10-cylinder mtu Series 199 engine for military vehicles The future 10-cylinder version of the mtu Series 199 for military land vehicles will have an output of over 1,100 kW. (Source: Rolls-Royce Power Systems)

“This propulsion concept will expand the operational possibilities of future tracked armored vehicles in a way that was previously hardly imaginable,” said Christian Wolf, head of Development for Military Engines and Systems at Rolls-Royce Power Systems. “We are convinced that we are making an important contribution to the further development of the defense capabilities of NATO and its allies. For the first time, vehicle manufacturers will be able to realize completely new vehicle concepts, whereby the hybrid concept can in principle be implemented with any engine series from the mtu military propulsion program.”

A 10-cylinder mtu Series 199 concept presented at Eurosatory will cover a power range of up to 1,100 kW and will be able to power vehicles weighing 50 to 70 tonnes. Common components within the engine family will help the armed forces reduce their logistics costs, Rolls-Royce noted. Other common features within the series include a high power density with a small volume design; fast response behavior; configurability to vehicle requirements; a range of PTO options; and long maintenance intervals.

The modular design principle and compact dimensions mean the 10-cylinder engine can be used for new vehicles as well as repowering of existing vehicles. Available add-on parts such as hydraulic units, air compressors and generators for power generation can significantly simplify vehicle integration into a Powerpack.

The next step, said Wolf, will be to further increase output of the Series 199 up to 1,200 kW (~1,610 hp).


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