Siemens Offers Performance Upgrade For SGT-800

12 July 2018

Siemens has introduced an SGT800 performance enhancement that is applicable to all existing units with ratings from 43 to 47.5 MW.

The new upgrade is designed to provide owners and operators with significant fuel savings and CO2 emissions reduction for improved sustainable energy production, the company said.

The upgrade offers up to a 3.5% increase of simple cycle gas turbine efficiency and up to an additional 10 MW output, enhancing the power of 43-47.5 MW units up to 53 MW. For combined cycle applications, the enhancement could result in a power increase of more than 20 MW and a 3.5% lower heat rate, based on a combined cycle 2xSGT-800 and one steam turbine, Siemens said. The heat rate improvement contributes to both fuel savings and CO2 emission reductions.

Siemens upgrades are based on operating experience and OEM optimized design. An improved compressor blade design is included for increased aerodynamic performance. Optimized gas path mass flow and component cooling in the turbine section are also included. The combined upgrades are designed to produce only a moderate increase in combustion chamber firing temperature, the company said. The upgrade is preferably installed in conjunction with a scheduled major overhaul and it uses features from existing and proven SGT-800s with higher ratings, upgrade customers benefit from a proven and reliable technology, Siemens said.

Siemens is also recommending a move from the more traditional fixed-interval maintenance based on Equivalent Operating Hours (EOH) to tailored maintenance plans in conjunction with this upgrade. A FlexLTP with a tailored maintenance plan gives users access to specific OEM knowledge and advanced optimization technologies that can also support extended time between overhauls.

To date, more than 350 SGT-800 turbines have been sold worldwide. The installed SGT-800 fleet has currently reached more than six million operating hours and the fleet average reliability for 2017 was 99.7% (GT package). In 2017, the latest upgrade to the new unit SGT-800 was announced offering an output of 57 MW and an electrical efficiency of more than 40% in simple cycle application. In a combined cycle configuration, with 2xSGT-800 and one steam turbine, the power output of the new unit is 163 MW at a net efficiency of 58.6%. The turbine, which was originally known under the product name GTX100, began development in 1994 and was introduced to the market in 1998.


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