Takeuchi expands 300 Series excavator product line

Takeuchi is expanding its 300 Series excavator range with the introduction of the TB320. The new addition belongs to the manufacturer’s two-tonne class and features a conventional tail swing design to enhance lifting capacity and stability.

Takeuchi also offers the optional Fleet Management (TFM) telematics system for the TB320 (Photo: Takeuchi)

According to Clay Eubanks, Takeuchi’s director of global sales, “The demand for excavators in the two-tonne class is steadily increasing. The TB320 is compact enough to tackle jobs in tight urban spaces or locations with limited access.

“Despite its smaller size, it delivers levels of comfort, power, and performance typically associated with larger excavators. It’s easily transportable, making it a versatile choice for various applications, from utility work in city environments to digging and grading on residential sites.”

In its canopy configuration, the TB320 weighs 1,930 kg, while the cab-equipped version weighs 2,060 kg. The excavator is equipped with a diesel engine that complies with EU Stage V standards, delivering 12.0 kW of power and up to 52.7 Nm of torque. The TB320 offers a bucket breakout force of 17.0 kN, an arm breakout force of 9.1 kN, a traction force of 21.1 kN, and a maximum digging depth of 2,370 mm.

Both the canopy and cab configurations come with a primary auxiliary circuit plumbed to the mid-arm. They feature up to four service ports, increasing hydraulic attachment options and versatility.

Service Port 1 is controlled by a proportional slider switch on the machine’s left joystick, providing a high flow of 40 L/minute, making it compatible with a wide range of hydraulically driven attachments. The excavator’s triple-flange track rollers enhance track life by providing greater support and reducing the risk of track derailment.

Takeuchi also offers the optional Fleet Management (TFM) telematics system for the TB320. The company says that TFM helps reduce downtime and control costs by providing machine health and condition information, run time (hours), machine location, remote diagnostics, scheduled maintenance reminders, and customizable alerts. 

Clay Eubanks summarized, “The introduction of the TB320 reflects Takeuchi’s commitment to offering a robust lineup of compact excavators, ensuring that owners and operators enjoy increased comfort, efficiency, and productivity. This excavator exemplifies how today’s smaller excavators offer more features and versatility than ever before.”


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