Taylor Power Systems: new distribution deals and product expansion

08 February 2022

Taylor Power Systems in distribution agreement with FTG Equipment Solutions.

Over the last year and a half, Taylor Power Systems (TPS) has made some significant expansions to its product line, introducing five new generator sets of various sizes for commercial and rental applications.

Taylor Power Systems (TPS) has announced a distribution agreement with FTG Equipment Solutions through which TPS will sell and support selected FTG TecnoGen generators in 10 states.

Now the Clinton, Miss.-based manufacturer of standby and prime power products has found another way to expand its portfolio, as it has announced a partnership with FTG Equipment Solutions through which TPS will distribute and support Taylor-branded TecnoGen and Trime equipment, including generators, light towers and other products, in 10 states.

The generator sets target a broad range of applications, including construction, rental, telecommunications, first response and emergency standby.

Taylor Power Systems’ deal with FTG Equipment Solutions
Headquartered in Delaware, FTG is owned by Italian manufacturers Trime S.R.L. and Bruno Generator Group (BGG).

“We ran into FTG at a power gen show when we saw a huge crowd around their Mega Silent Series,” said Zach Taylor, general manager of TPS. “We exchanged contact information and kept in touch, which eventually led to us buying mobile generators for them.

“We had such good feedback on the units, we decided to approach FTG with an inquiry of private labeling. They accepted, and after having a successful year moving those products, TecnoGen approached us with the opportunity to become a distributor for several states.

The Taylor TR170 gen-sets supplied by FTG incorporate FPT diesel engines, Leroy Somer alternators and Deep Sea controls.

“TecnoGen and Trime have unique and versatile product lines that meet customer needs, quality, and satisfaction. Our companies are aligned with the same strategy and customer values, which is why we are so excited about this partnership.”

As part of the agreement, TPS becomes the strategic distribution and support partner for Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, North Carolina, Tennessee, Texas and Virginia.

TecnoGen manufactures three generator lines; the Mega Silent series with ratings from 25 to 572 kW; the EnerMax series rated 17 kW to 1000 kW; and the Movie Master variable speed units rated 58 to 276 kW. All of the machines utilize Kohler, FPT and Volvo Penta diesel engines, Leroy Somer alternators and Deep Sea controls.

On the power generation side, Taylor said that the addition of select models of TecnoGen units and one Trime machine will round out the TPS gen-set range. “We only currently manufacture the 25, 45, 100, and 1000 kva models,” he said. “TecnoGen offers several models that fill in the gaps, which allow us to successfully offer an entire mobile product line.

“This is the first time we have ever pushed selling products that we did not manufacture, and it has been a huge success due to more competitive pricing, and most importantly lead times.”

What are TPS’ new product lines?
Even more intriguing for TPS is the addition of entirely new product lines. Along with generators, Trime supplies LED diesel, hybrid, solar and battery light towers, along with dewatering pumps, fuel tanks, wash bays and hydraulically driven tools for the construction and roadbuilding. BGG also makes light towers, power stations and energy storage systems.

“It is a huge opportunity for us,” Taylor said. “We have always been interested in selling light towers, but we wanted a product that offers a lot more features for the customer that no one else has. Trime has one of the most unique and highest quality light towers on the market, which matches our expectations and tradition perfectly.

“This is the first time we have ever pushed selling products that we did not manufacture, and it has been a huge success due to more competitive pricing, and most importantly lead times.” - Zach Taylor, GM, Taylor Power Systems

“We are also offering the Grizzly fuel tanks that TecnoGen supplies, which we will use to sell and dispatch with our rental fleet generators.”

TPS initially offered a limited number of mobile gen-sets beginning late last year and is currently getting more units to bolster its TM Series range of mobile gen-sets.

In a statement, FTG said that “the foundation of our company is doing business with quality people and building relationships for life. The Taylor Team is a group of great, knowledgeable professionals that understand what it means to develop and take care of their customers.

“In a very short time, a relationship has developed between our companies that provides a foundation for long term growth benefiting our customers and our companies. We are extremely proud of this relationship and look forward to doing great things together. The possibilities are endless.”


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