The evolution of Hatz on display

27 February 2023

For more than a century, the name “Hatz Diesel” has essentially been synonymous with diesel engines.

Starting in the early 1900s, the company pioneered small air-cooled diesels and over the years expanded into sound-attenuated silent engine packages, liquid-cooled engines and most recently, electronically controlled single-cylinder diesel engines.

Hatz Digital Solutions At ConExpo, Hatz is launching Hatz Digital Solutions, a series of digital products that includes Performance Tracking, a system that is designed to allow remote monitoring of engine operating data in real time. (Photo: Hatz)

Yet visitors to the Hatz stand at ConExpo-ConAgg in Las Vegas this month will notice some subtle, but noticeable changes at the company, starting with the logo. Rather than proclaiming “Hatz Diesel” in its distinctive red and blue square, it’s now just “Hatz,” to signify products and services that go well beyond diesel engines.

That new brand identity first debuted at Bauma in Germany last fall, and while the word “diesel” has gone away, it shouldn’t be taken as any retreat from diesels or combustion engines in general, according to Mike Hartoonian, present and CEO of Hatz in North America.

Committed to diesel

“We certainly remain committed to diesel long-term,” Hartoonian said. “It’s the core of what we are and who we’ve been. We’re continuing to optimize our engines, while exploring new technologies such as synthetic fuels and diesel/electric solutions.

Mike Hartoonian “We certainly remain committed to diesel long-term. It’s the core of what we are and who we’ve been.” - Mike Hartoonian, Hatz North America

“We are also expanding to offer a greater variety of product offerings for Hatz customers, but always centered around our core diesel products. Things like connected services (Iot), growing our line of flywheel-integrated permanent magnet generator (fiPMG) products, engines with longer service intervals and new warranty programs. All this is done with goal of more uptime and a lower total cost of ownership, along with the idea of providing a better customer experience for our engine users.”

Over the last several years, Hatz has developed its new products and services with an eye toward future trends. A good example is its E1 technology for single-cylinder air-cooled engines. Unveiled in Europe in 2019, the E1 engines were among the first to bring electronic control to engines under 1 L displacement.

“What’s unique about it is that being a digital small engine, it allows you do add things like Hatz Digital Solutions or other aftermarket telematics solutions” Hartoonian said. “And unlike a mechanical engine, you can get vital engine information as part of the data stream.

“And these digital capabilities will continue to develop. Very shortly, we expect to further increase our remote diagnostics and add features such as the ability to reflash ECU datasets. These should all be huge benefits for the fleet manager.”

Digital Solutions

Products such as the E1 engines and the larger H50 Family of three- and four-cylinder liquid-cooled engines can also harness digital technology to enhance maintenance. At ConExpo, the company is launching Hatz Digital Solutions, a series of digital products that enable machines with Hatz engines to be operated and monitored more efficiently. The first of these is Hatz Performance Tracking, which enables remote monitoring of engine operating data, such as speed, fuel consumption, operating hours and location in real time. This enables maintenance planning to be optimized.

Performance Tracking, like all of Hatz’s Digital Solutions, offers seamless integration into existing cloud platforms, enterprise resource planning software and fleet management systems.

“What it does is really provide transparency to the fleet operator or machine owner as to how their machines are performing,” Hartoonian said. “The idea is to maximize uptime and fleet management, with the goal of it being truly predictive in its scope.”

Hatz engine diagnostics Also at ConExpo, Hatz will debut a new version of its HDS engine diagnostic tool. (Photo: Hatz)

Performance Tracking data can be integrated into existing fleet management systems through a standard digital interface or through an optional Hatz IoT Dashboard. It can also be retrofit to machine in the field through a plug-and-play IoT module.

“We envision going to market in two different ways,” Hartoonian said. “One is directly to the OEM, so the system is a part of the original equipment right from the factory.

“But also to fleet operators and managers who would like to take advantage of these features by adding the Hatz Digital Solutions to their existing machines.”

ConExpo visitors can check out an IoT Dashboard and hear about Performance Tracking service plans. Hatz will also be presenting its Digital Service Portal (DSP), which is designed as a central platform through which all maintenance and service-related processes can be accessed, and its new HDS²Lite diagnostic tool that allows engine information to be viewed on Android or iOS apps on mobile devices.

Looking ahead

Hatz will also provide ConExpo visitors a look at how OEMs and machine operators can move toward a more electric and autonomous future.

The fiPMG has already been used in hybrid systems in equipment such as mobile light towers and other machines where it can provide engine power or be used to charge batteries as a range extender. Designed to be compact, the units are more than 85% lighter and more compact than conventional generators of the same power.

“We are investing in the hybrid world,” said Hartoonian. “We think hybridization solutions make a lot of sense for construction equipment or any equipment that is used in a commercial setting where all-electric might not be the most economic answer or the or the most user friendly from a duty-cycle standpoint.”

Taking it one step further, Hatz will also demonstrate its Concept Cube machine at ConExpo. The Concept Cube, which is a concept for a remote-controlled electric compaction machine that incorporates a newly conceived and unique electric drive system that Hatz gained from its acquisition of German controls and electronics specialist Inecosys.

“This is another unique chance for Hatz to demonstrate what we’re doing above and beyond engines and to complement our engines,” Hartoonian said. “And it’s showing our ability to integrate different capabilities in things like motor controls.”

See Hatz at ConExpo booth S-85429


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