The top 6 reasons OEM engineers should attend the Diesel Progress Summit

23 August 2022

In these tumultuous times, it’s hard being an engineer at an original equipment manufacturer. What’s happening with engines? Will there be new fuels to replace traditional gasoline and diesel? What future technologies will emerge and how can they be applied?

Diesel Progress Summit Engineers can hear about the latest in engines, powertrain technologies and new power options at the 2022 Diesel Progress Summit. (Photo: KHL)

But there’s one place where even the most stressed engineer can get some answers – the annual Diesel Progress Summit.

Now in its fourth year, the DP Summit is a one-day event dedicated to exploring current and emerging technologies. And with this year’s theme “Pathways Toward Powertrain Decarbonization,” the 2022 event will cover more ground than ever before to help engineers understand the way forward in designing their machines and vehicles.

“If I was an engineer at an OEM, the Diesel Progress Summit is something I wouldn’t want to miss,” said Mike Brezonick, vice president – Editorial for Diesel Progress and chairman of the DP Summit. “You’ll learn more in one day about what’s happening in engines, fuels and new power and powertrain technologies than you will in any other venue.”

Here’s some of what attendees will hear about at the DP Summit:

1. Get the big picture from the biggest player

Karl Weiss, Caterpillar Caterpillar Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer Karl Weiss will deliver the morning keynote address at the 2022 Diesel Progress Summit.

Hear what future technologies will drive the industry forward from the perspective of the world’s leading equipment and engine manufacturer, as Caterpillar Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer Karl Weiss kicks the Summit off with his morning keynote address.

2, What’s the future for engines?

Since the late 1800s, combustion engines and specifically diesel engines have been the way to get work done. But with ever-more strict environmental pressure looming, what’s the future for engines? It’s a topic that will be explored thoroughly at the DP Summit.

Highlights will include:

- An afternoon keynote address by Kohler Engines President Vincenzo Perrone, giving his view on the long-term viability of engines.

- With hydrogen engines considered perhaps the most promising engine technology going forward, Dr. Ingo Wintruff, managing director and leader of Liebherr Combustion Engines business, and Stefanie Gerhardt, managing director of the company’s Fuel Injection division, will discuss progress with hydrogen engines and fuel systems.

- Jonathon White, vice president of Engine Business Engineering at Cummins, will detail Cummins’ unique “fuel-agnostic” engine strategy and what it means for off-highway equipment and on-highway vehicles.

3. Hear about other decarbonization technologies

One of the most intriguing technologies to come along in recent years is ClearFlame’s combustion system that allows compression-ignition engines to operate on low-carbon fuels. Dr. Julie Blumreiter, chief technology officer and co-founder of ClearFlame Engine Technologies, will detail the company’s technology and explain how it can be used to decarbonize engines operating in the field.

Dr. Allen Aradi, who leads Shell’s strategic long-term initiatives involving engine fuels, will discuss the potential for new, low-carbon fuels, with an update on their availability.

4. Learn about the latest advancements in powertrain components

The DP Summit will also include presentations on new powertrain technologies that promise to bring new levels of efficiency and effectiveness to machines and vehicles.

Preston Moore, solution planner and product manager for electrified drivetrain and propulsion batteries at John Deere Power Systems, will provide an overview of Deere’s new Electric Variable Transmission (EVT) technology, which incorporates electric motor generators in place of the usual hydrostatic motors, resulting in improved transmission performance, reliability and increased efficiency.

On the hydraulic side, Michael Terzo, chief executive officer and founder of California-based Terzo Power Systems, will detail his company’s innovative technology that directly connects electric motors and hydraulics pumps into a single unit.

5. Hear about what’s next in power technology

Along with engines and powertrain technologies, the DP Summit will provide a glimpse at what technologies are ahead for vehicles and equipment.

Sessions include a presentation on “Low-voltage electrification challenges and solutions,” by Dr. Suresh Natarajan, head of Off-Highway Customer Solution Engineering in the Americas for Dana Inc.; and Dr. Daryl Musselman, chief operating officer at Loop Energy, will discuss “Opportunities and considerations to applying fuel cells in vehicles and equipment.”

Another highlight will be a panel discussion comprised of “alternative” end users, who will share their insights as to how technologies such as natural gas engines and electric drive systems are faring in real-world applications.

6. Networking and awards

Along with the technical sessions, the DP Summit will include a number of networking opportunities, along with the presentation of the annual Diesel Progress Awards, honoring achievement in engine and powertrain products.

The 2022 Diesel Progress Summit will be held Tuesday, Sept. 27th at the Loews Chicago O’Hare in Rosemont, Ill. The daylong event will be preceded the evening of Sept. 26th by a welcome reception.

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