Top 12 New Power News of 2022: Batteries, hydrogen & harnessing electrons

Electrification continues to be on the mind of many, with more than half of the stories in the Top 12 New Power News of 2022 centered around batteries, electric motors, electric vehicles and more. But that doesn’t mean other alternative power systems failed to garner interest. In fact, the top-read – and apparently most intriguing – story of 2022 highlighted advances in an all-new power source that could have far-reaching impact for the future. Revisit each of the Top 12 by clicking on the links in the headlines below.

BEV Webasto CV standard battery. (Illustration: Webasto)

12. Cummins to develop new powertrain test facility
Cummins announced that it would be opening a new powertrain test facility at its manufacturing location in Darlington, UK. The £14 million ($18.3 million, €16.6 million) installation will support accelerated introduction of “clean power” technology, including the company’s “fuel-agnostic” engines.

11. Danfoss and Webasto partner to electrify off-highway
Danfoss Power Solutions’ Editron division and Webasto Group have announced a strategic partnership that will see both companies combine their experience to deliver prevalidated solutions designed to electrify the off-highway market. The partnership is intended to accelerate the pace of mobile machinery electrification and support OEMs with their net-zero goals.

10. Cummins to build electrolyzers in U.S.
Cummins Inc. announced it will begin manufacturing electrolyzers in the United States. Production will take place at the company’s Cummins Power Systems facilities in Fridley, Minn., starting at 500 MW of manufacturing capacity annually, scalable to 1 GW in the future.

Eaton’s ePowertrain business unit will focus on products from the company’s electrified vehicle transmission, reduction gearing and differential portfolios.

9. Eaton forms ePowertrain unit
Eaton announced its Vehicle Group has formed a new ePowertrain business unit, which will focus on products from Eaton’s electrified vehicle (EV) transmission, reduction gearing and differential portfolios. The move will create synergy among Eaton’s powertrain and EV experts, the company said, and allow the Vehicle Group to offer its global customers solutions for commercial vehicles and light-duty EVs.

8. Cummins, Tata sign MoU for zero-emissions vehicles
Cummins Inc. and Tata Motors, one of India’s largest commercial vehicle manufacturers, signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to collaborate on the design and development of low and zero-emission propulsion technology solutions for commercial vehicles in India, including hydrogen-powered internal combustion engines, fuel cells, and battery electric vehicle systems.

7. Kreisel Electric expanding battery production
In addition to the production facility in Austria, John Deere announced it was making an immediate investment in two additional locations to increase the production capacity expansion of Kreisel Electric, the battery technology specialist in which John Deere acquired majority ownership, to over 2 GWh.

6. Caterpillar unveils off-highway equipment batteries
Caterpillar announced the development of 48-, 300- and 600-volt batteries for the off-highway equipment industry. Leveraging expertise across its global network of technical centers in the U.S., U.K., China and India, the program focuses initially on battery solutions for equipment used in industrial applications.

China Yuchai hydrogen engine China Yuchai announced it recently successfully demonstrated a hydrogen-fueled engine.

5. China Yuchai demonstrates hydrogen engine
China Yuchai International Limited announced that the company’s YCK05 hydrogen-fueled engine achieved stable ignition and operation in a recent demonstration at the Beijing Institute of Technology. The YCK05 engine is the first operating hydrogen engine for China’s commercial vehicle market, the company said.

4. New electric traction motors from Mahle
Global powertrain supplier Mahle announced the development of the Superior Continuous Torque (SCT) E-motor incorporating a new cooling concept that allows it to be operated at high load for a virtually unlimited period. The new motors are scalable across a range of applications from passenger cars to commercial vehicles to off-highway equipment.

3. Yanmar makes major battery buy
Yanmar Holdings Co. Ltd. announced it had acquired a majority share in ELEO Technologies B.V., a battery technology company based in Helmond, the Netherlands. By integrating ELEO’s advanced, scalable, and modular battery technology, Yanmar said it will further its electrified powertrain capabilities with customized solutions for off-road applications.

Holcomb Energy System Holcomb Energy System (Photo: Holcomb Scientific Research)

2. Daimler Truck CEO says cost of electric trucks will “forever be higher”
Daimler Truck CEO Martin Daum said that electric trucks would “forever be higher” than those using combustion engine and that governments needed to help make up the difference in the cost of extra materials used in battery-powered vehicles.

1. Holcomb Scientific Research harnesses electron spin to deliver power
Holcomb Scientific Research released details of the Holcomb Energy System (HES), a patented power source which harnesses electron spin to deliver emissions-free electrical power without any external power source, including solar, wind or fossil fuel. According to the company, the system is fully scalable and can deliver energy to meet requirements from personal through to industrial levels.


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