Tractors On Display At EIMA Digital

06 November 2020

In anticipation of the EIMA Digital Preview starting on November 11, Italy-based tractor manufacturer Antonio Carraro announced the tractor models it will exhibit at the virtual event.

The Tigre 3800 compact tractor: an evolution of the Tigre 3200 meant for working in small allotments, vegetable plots, greenhouses, and gardens. The tractor is equipped with a 26 hp (19 kW), three-cylinder, water-cooled Yanmar engine compliant with EU Stage 5 emissions regulation.

The new Tora Series of medium-power tractors between 52 and 66 hp (38 to 48 kW) is compliant with Stage 5 emissions standard and is composed of six multifunctional models which can be fitted with equipment such as inter-row machines, pruners and hydraulic equipment for specialized crops. The tractors are available with different configurations, such as steering or articulated Actio chassis; reversible or monodirectional guide; load sensing hydraulic plant with up to five double effect distributors; joystick, and front powerlift.

The Infinity reversible tractor range features hydrostatic transmission and is designed for crops on steep slopes and small spaces. Three different tractors are available, all mounting 75 hp (55 kW) four-cylinder Kohler engines. The transmission allows the Infinity tractors to work in both drive directions with the same speeds from 0-15 and from 0-40 km/h, (0 to 9.32 and 0 to 24.85 mph) which can be engaged manually or with an automatic gearbox without losing traction.

The manufacturer said, with the Infinity machines the clutch is practically only used to start the tractor off and is a safety device in case the tractor must be stopped immediately. The brakes are almost never used either, because the accelerator pedal, as well as controlling forward movement, allows for the deceleration and stopping of the tractor.

The Revolutionary (R) Series has been increased to seven models each with a different configuration: steering, articulated, with a low center of gravity and wide track. All these tractors are fitted with Rev-Guide System (reversible drive on a rotating control tower), apart from the TGF machine, that is the only monodirectional model.

All Revolutionary tractors are equipped with a four-cylinder Kubota engine with electronic running system and 98 hp (72 kW) output power. They have a slightly longer wheelbase, compared with previous generation models, so tractor’s weights are optimally subdivided, while the damping system dampens the oscillations of the rear lifter and gives maximum comfort during the transfer with a carried equipment.

A transmission with 32 speeds (16 + 16), with optional E-drive, Overspeed, and HI-LO devices, is equipped with standard synchronized inverter which can be engaged while in movement and with integral traction with electronic re-engagement control. The standard Cruise Control (Tempomat) device with double memory of the engine revolutions, is useful for maintaining revolutions while working or for changing between different and programmed revolutions.

The Tony tractors are five models with mechanical-hydrostatic hybrid transmission featuring an operative systems that allow for the automatic management of a number of activities in accordance with the type of terrain, equipment being used and the drive style of the operator. In particular, the Tony 8900 V model is equipped with a four-cylinder, 74.3 hp (54.6 kW) Kubota engine compliant with Stage 5 emissions standard and was developed for very narrow-rowed vineyards.
Load sensing pumps and the circuits with the unloading system reduce energy absorption when the tractor’s hydraulic system is not in use. The front axle allows a turning circle up to 55°, providing maximum precision during manoeuvres.

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