Volvo Trucks introduces uprated battery packs for medium-duty models

Volvo FE medium-duty electric truck Volvo FE medium-duty electric truck

Volvo Trucks has revealed plans to offer new battery packs with its medium-duty Volvo FL and FE electric trucks.

The new battery packs are said to offer up to 42% additional energy storage capacity. This returns an estimated maximum range of up to 450 km (280 miles) per charge.

The Volvo FL will offer the maximum range of 450 km, while the FE variant will have a max range of 275 km.

The Volvo FL features a 180 kW electric motor and can have between three and six battery packs fitted. The Volvo FE has two electric motors for a total power output of 225 kW. The variant can have either three or four battery packs fitted (FE range with four packs without power takeoff (PTO) is up to 275 km and up to 200 km with PTO).

“With a range of up to 450 km, our electric trucks are ready to replace our customers’ entire fleet of diesel city trucks,” said Jessica Sandström, SVP Product Management. “Volvo FL and FE Electric produce minimal emissions and noise which benefits the climate, the driver and everyone that lives and moves about the city.”

Volvo puts forward that the improved energy capacity will allow the trucks to complete most urban routes. Alternatively, the additional power can be used to support vehicle functions such as refuse collection and city construction.

Battery packs in Volvo electric truck Battery packs in Volvo electric truck

Higher-capacity batteries mean that fewer packs will be needed to achieve the same power availability. In cases where payload has a priority over range, fewer packs can be used to increase maximum cargo capacity.

Payload can be increased by 500 kg for each battery pack not carried.

“For some customers it’s more important to get extra payload rather than maximising the range,” added Sandström. “We work closely with our customers in choosing the best solution.”

Batteries for the medium-duty trucks are supplied by Akasol. The new Volvo battery assembly plant in Ghent, Belgium, opened in 2022, will supply packs for heavy-duty models.

According to Volvo, replacing a diesel FL or FE model with an electric version can cut carbon emissions by approximately 30 tons per year.

The updated FL and FE models are now available to order, with deliveries starting in Q3 2023.


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