Volvo Trucks launches updated LBG-fuel models

LBG refuelling station LBG refuelling station

Volvo Trucks is to launch an updated version of its liquified biogas (LBG, or bio LNG) engine, offering more power and improved fuel economy.

The OEM has already released LBG engines in its FH and FM models, which deliver either 420 or 460 hp. The updated engine will deliver 500 hp. In addition, ‘technical upgrades’ have made the engines 4% more fuel efficient. Combined with fuel tanks which are 10% larger, the trucks will offer an even greater range.

“Our efficient gas-powered trucks have a performance comparable to their diesel equivalents,” said Daniel Bergstrand, product manager for gas-powered trucks. “Fueling up is almost as fast as a diesel truck and the growing network of more than 600 fuel stations for both bio-LNG and LNG in Europe makes them ideal for long-haul transports.”

Daniel Bergstrand, Volvo Trucks

Biogas (essentially methane) is collected from organic matter, including animal and food waste. In its liquefied state, the LBG fuel is almost identical to fossil-sourced LNG, or liquefied natural gas. But due to its source, the sustainable LBG is CO2 neutral and emits only trace amounts of NOx when burned. In addition, removing the methane from the organic matter before it is used as fertiliser also stops that gas from entering the atmosphere.

The updated gas-powered truck lineup from Volvo Trucks is part of a three-path roadmap to achieving zero emissions, using battery-electric, hydrogen fuel cells and gas-fuelled ICEs using biogas or green hydrogen.

LBG fuel tanks LBG fuel tanks are now 10% larger

“Several technical solutions are needed because the availability of energy and fuel infrastructure differs greatly between countries and regions, and also because the requirements for each transport assignment can vary,” said Bergstrand.

Volvo also noted that European production of LBG is expected to ramp up as part of the EU Commission’s REPower EU plan. This should see LBG ouput increased tenfold across the region by the end of the decade.

The new engine will be available in the FH and FM HGVs and the FMX construction truck. Using LBG requires a small amount of diesel or hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO, or biodiesel) to ignite the gas fuel.


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