Woodward L’Orange advances marine technology

Company announces product development for power-to-X fuels, new compliance rating for valves and more

Woodward L’Orange power-to-X fuel injectors A comprehensive portfolio of injection systems are being developed for alternative fuels produced from renewable sources. (Photo: Woodward L’Orange)

Woodward and Woodward L’Orange GmbH announced development of a comprehensive portfolio of injection systems for alternative fuels produced from renewable sources (power-to-X or P2X), such as hydrogen, methanol and ammonia. Suited for large engines, the range extends from 100 kW/cylinder to over 1000 kW/cylinder.

The High-Pressure Dual-Fuel (HPDF) platform for methanol and ammonia injection is designed for applications that require the highest levels of power density and efficiency, the company noted. The platform also offers fuel diesel backup capability.

A range of direct solenoid-actuated injection systems will be suited to simpler and retrofittable systems. For methanol, a family of injection systems for port fuel injection (PFI) and direct injection are being developed to provide optimal atomization of the fuel to enable good mixing and minimize wall wetting. Injectors are also in development for either direct injection of hydrogen into the combustion chamber or for in-manifold (PFI) fuel admission.

For gas engines that are adapted to run on gaseous P2X fuels such as hydrogen and ammonia, Woodward’s SOGAV gas admission valves are being optimized to withstand the fuels’ properties, including poor lubricity, corrosion behavior and hydrogen embrittlement.

Woodward L’Orange SOGAV235 gas admission valve The SOGAV235 gas admission valve is now compliant with the IGF Code and officially listed for IGF zone “0” applications. (Photo: Woodward L’Orange)

Valves now IGF compliant

The SOGAV valves (Solenoid-Operated Gas Admission Valves) are a family of electrically actuated, high-response gas admission valves for in-manifold fuel admission. They are currently used to provide reliable and precise control of gas fuel admission in four-cycle, turbocharged, natural gas or dual-fuel engines used in power generation, marine, rail and mining vehicle applications.

Woodward’s Colorado SOGAV and Compliance teams recently announced that the newly developed SOGAV235 gas admission valve commonly used in marine engine applications is now compliant with the International Code of Safety for Ship Using Gases or Other Low-flashpoint Fuels (IGF Code) and officially listed for IGF zone “0” applications. In addition, the SOGAV105/145 has received the listing for IGF zone “0”.

Compliance for the SOGAV105/145 is in the pipeline and expected in the near future. Work on compliance for the SOGAV65 is also underway.

Packaged for sustainability

Woodward L’Orange further announced that high-quality recycling from its collaboration partner rose plastic AG – which transforms plastic waste into a high-value raw material – is further advancing the company’s sustainability journey. The next logical step along this path is the conversion of its packaging.

The company will soon switch from its current orange packaging to a 100% recycled gray packaging made from post-consumer recycled material. It also intends to move to a compostable or residue-free degradable packaging once it becomes available.

“Currently, no such material is available on the market that meets our requirements in terms of impact resistance, weight, moisture, oil/heat/cold resistance and functionality,” the company stated, adding, “We will keep working to achieve this target in the future for the sake of the environment, sustainability and social responsibility.”


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