Zoomlion exports 800 tonne all terrain cranes

zoomlion green crane with crowd of people in front Celebrating delivery in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, of the new Zoomlion cranes from China. Photo: Zoomlion

Construction equipment manufacturer Zoomlion has exported a batch of 800 tonne capacity all terrain cranes, claiming them as the highest capacity of their type ever exported from China.

The ZAT8000H telescopic boom wheeled cranes were delivered to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, where a ceremony was held to mark the occasion. The company said the latest delivery beat its own previous record, set in 2021.

Typical applications for the eight axle model include wind turbine construction, work on large petrochemical projects, bridge hoisting and municipal projects.

Its 92 metre seven-section boom can be split down, to four sections (57.7 metres, including a 3 metre head section) by removing the final three. The maximum load moment rating just with the basic, retracted, boom is given as 2,160 tonne-metres, while with the fully extended boom it is 1,650 tonne-metres. Corresponding lifting heights are 21.6 and 95.8 metres.

With the longest (33 metres) of the three extra boom extension options for wind work the lifting height is increased to 128.8 metres.

The export specification for the Malaysian market includes a tower type boom configuration and a different angle on the super lift.

Power to move

All eight axles are steered and the crane’s weight, ready for the road, is given as 88 tonnes. For normal driving the main boom is removed. Road travel to a maximum of 30 km/h can be achieved with the four section boom and the rear outriggers on board.

Power for the carrier is from a 15.9 litre V8 Mercedes-Benz OM502LA.E3B/1 diesel producing 480 kW. The ZF automated manual transmission has 12 forward and two reverse speeds and an hydraulic retarder. Axles are Kessler, four of which are driven mechanically while axle 8 is driven hydraulically.

For crane operation there is an inline six cylinder Mercedes-Benz OM926LA turbo diesel rated at 240 kW.

Overall dimensions are 19.979 metres long (boom removed) by 3 metres wide and the height is 4 metres. With the seven-section boom onboard the overall length is 24.58 metres. Overall length with the four section boom on board is 23.6 metres.

Outrigger spread is 12 x 12 metres. Maximum total counterweight is 195 tonnes.

zoomlion green crane folded down on black background Eight axle, 800 tonne capacity, Zoomlion ZAT8000H all terrain crane. Photo: Zoomlion


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