Battery-Electric Propulsion on the Seas

25 February 2024

Power Progress International talked to Tesvolt, a manufacturer of lithium battery solutions, about innovative battery solutions for vessels.

Germany-based Tesvolt produces battery storage systems utilizing lithium batteries, seamlessly compatible with various renewable energy sources including solar, wind, water, biogas and thermal energy.

Tesvolt’s Eco System range of products caters specifically to the maritime industry, offering comprehensive solutions from onboard propulsion to shore-side recharge facilities.

These solutions are built upon lithium fluorophosphate (LiFPO) chemistry and feature a passive-air cooling circuit ensuring optimal performance and safety standards at sea.

Marine battery packs by Tesvolt, Germany

Kilian Hoffmann, manager of business development at Tesvolt, highlighted the robustness and energy density of Tesvolt battery modules, capable of withstanding forces up to 10g. Moreover, each module is equipped with an integrated aerosol fire suppression system, providing a reliable safety mechanism in the event of a fire onboard.

Tesvolt’s battery packs are composed of three modules and boast a net energy output of 176 kWh (198 kWh gross) with a voltage rating of 768V. The packs are designed for versatility, offering both tower configuration and rack-free options to suit different vessel layouts.

To ensure maximum operational efficiency and safety, Tesvolt incorporates advanced battery management systems. The Tesvolt Power Distribution Unit (PDU) houses essential components such as sensors, contactors, fuses, and battery controller modules (BCMUs), facilitating seamless integration with the vessel’s infrastructure.

For system scalability and enhanced monitoring capabilities, Tesvolt employs the Battery Array Management Unit (BAMU), capable of managing up to four battery packs in a single string. This unit provides real-time monitoring and alarm handling functionalities, ensuring optimal performance and safety across the fleet.

Tesvolt stands behind the quality and reliability of its products, offering an extensive warranty of 10 years on battery capacity and five years on the overall system. Additionally, the company actively participates in lithium battery recycling initiatives, contributing to environmental sustainability.

Among Tesvolt’s success stories in the maritime industry, the installations of battery systems on the MS Westfalen ship and the Warnowstromer ferry, enabling emission-free operations.

Furthermore, Tesvolt has made significant strides in the aquaculture sector, supplying battery solutions to over 100 fish farms in Norway, revolutionizing the industry’s sustainability practices.

To support its maritime customers, Tesvolt offers comprehensive training programs tailored to system integrators. These training sessions are conducted at Tesvolt’s headquarters in Wittenberg, Germany, or remotely through webinars and online learning platforms.


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