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How alternative fuels fare in the extreme cold
When the mercury drops, many alternative fuels face challenges.
ICEs continue to dominate in U.S. truck and bus fleets
99.9% of commercial vehicles still powered by internal combustion engines
The case for renewable propane
According to PERC, renewable propane is cleaner than fossil propane and offers economic benefits to refineries that market it.
Power Briefing recap: week of June 3
The first week of June 2024 saw stories about innovations in a variety of alternative power sources as well as a look at Bollinger Motors’ approach to EV truck design.
Industry experts discuss propane’s future in IC engines
Engine Technology Forum webinar focused on propane’s advantages and recent tests into the viability of direct injection.
Propane set to seize its moment as a “future fuel”
Companies share propane’s benefits in power generation applications
Propane postal delivery truck project shows emissions, cost savings
Launched in 2021 and recently completed, the project explored the viability of propane as an alternative to diesel fuel in trucks.
Research program reveals viability of LPG direct injection in medium-duty engines
Funded by PERC and conducted by Katech Engineering, the project used software as well as specially designed hardware from Stanadyne to help overcome vapor lock.
United Rentals invests in solar generator fleet
Hipower units can “revolutionise power generation”