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19 May 2024

FPT Industrial inaugurated its Customer Service Academy in Turin, Italy, with an event introduced by Sergio Carpentiere, vice president of Customer Service & Digital at FPT Industrial, who explained the importance of the MyFPT approach that offers several services to FPT’s customers including original remanufacturing.

The multimedia space of the Academy is located in the middle of the company’s engine plant at the Turin headquarters and hosts also the new Engine Teardown Area, dedicated to hands-on practices for maintaining and repairing - even remotely - industrial engines, as well as e-axles and batteries.

The new FPT Industrial's Customer Service Academy in Turin, Italy The new FPT Industrial’s Customer Service Academy in Turin, Italy

The new 30,000 sq ft Customer Service area comprises a training center for theoretical and practical diagnostics, for both classroom-based and remote courses; a state-of-the-art diagnostics lab; and the teardown area itself, where engines and other components returning from the field are analyzed with the aid of a dedicated digital platform.

FPT Industrial has chosen to use this new area not only as a training center specialized in diagnostics and repair, but also as a space which can provide a direct experience for customers, distributors and students, who will thus have the opportunity to see what it actually means to tear down, repair and reassemble high-tech products.

The inauguration event actually included practical experiences for the guests, related to components assembly such as the four-stage actuation of the High Performance Engine Brake on the new XC13 single-base multi-fuel engine, or the master/slave sequence of Local Electronic Control Units in battery modules.

And, with over 300 000 connected engines in operation all around the world, guests could not miss a practical example of the remote repair of a vehicle powered by an FPT Industrial engine.

FPT Industrial said, the Engine Teardown Area is a global project which involves not only the Turin plant, but also those in Sete Lagoas (Brazil), York (USA) and Pune (India). The project counts on over 300 technicians enrolled for Advanced Technical Training, more than 4,900 Advanced Training Modules delivered either face to face or online, and over 28 Countries involved from Europe to Middle East and Africa.

The event was also the occasion to present a new lubricant range co-branded by FPT Industrial and Petronas Lubricants International (PLI).

This range of fluids has been engineered for marine, on-road, off-road, and power generating engines and vehicles. These new lubricants support the highest function at every stage of the engine´s lifecycle. They all work to reduce friction and temperature, while cleaning and protecting the engine with the help of additives spanning corrosion, rust, and foam inhibitors, antioxidants, friction modifiers, anti-wear agents, and much more.

The new range is composed of three products with various viscosities and for different applications: an Off-Road & Marine Engine Oil with a mineral oil base 15W-40; a semi synthetic Premium Off-Road & Marine Engine Oil 10W-40; and a Premium On-Road Engine Oil 5W-30 that utilizes advanced synthetic technology oil base.

FPT Industrial and Petronas' co-branded engine oil The new engine oil by Petronas Lubricants International for FPT Industrial will be availbale in Europe from June 2024

The lubricants will be available from June 2024 and in Europe they will be marketed in 20-L canisters or 200-L drums.

Each fluid within the co-branded product line undergoes rigorous testing to ensure optimal performance and durability.

To also be noted that PLI provide first-fill products for all FPT Industrial plants.


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