ZF introduces the AT 50 Series azimuth thruster

AT 50 marine thruster AT 50 marine thruster (Photo: ZF)

ZF has extended its marine thruster portfolio with the addition of the new AT 50 Series model. The AT 50 joins a lineup which includes the larger AT 80 and AT 90.

The AT 50 was developed jointly by ZF Krimpen in The Netherlands and ZF Friedrichshafen in southern Germany.

“By collaborating with our colleagues in the marine transmission unit, we could integrate their immense gear design knowledge right from the start and pair it with five decades of thruster expertise here in Krimpen,” said Jeroen Vedder, business development manager at ZF Krimpen.

The new azimuth thruster is intended for vessels with power outputs up to max. 815 kW per single unit and a bollard pull of up to 28 tonnes with a twin thruster installation.

Available as an L- or Z-drive, the unit can be installed as a well-mounted, deck-mounted, stern-mounted, tunnel or retractable thruster. In combination with a variety of add-ons, the AT 50 is suitable for use with a range of vessels, from tugboats to superyachts.

The bollard pull rating makes the AT 50 particularly suited to use with tugboats, offshore support vessels, icebreakers, dredgers, salvage and rescue ships.

Featuring an optimised gear design and hydrodynamic outer casing, the AT 50 is said to be up to 17% more efficient than its predecessor. This returns the same performance level with less engine power, reducing emissions and lifecycle costs.

AT 50 power range and bollard pull chart ZF marine thruster power range and bollard pull chart (Photo: ZF)

Add-on features include the ZF AutoTroll, which allows for precision adjustment to thrust when manoeuvring at speeds even below engine idle. There is also a special seal package for additional environmental protection. Additional onboard equipment can drive a PTO feature.

The WM type of the AT 50 can also be fitted as a hybrid version, with an electric motor added to the diesel-powered unit. This can deliver locally emission-free propulsion.

Units are further supported with the ZF ProVID condition monitoring system. This delivers early issue warnings, helping to prevent further damage, reducing costs and improving uptime.

According to Vedder, ZF is now working on development of the AT 40 model. This is expected to be available by the end of 2024.


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